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I have a question about my 14 year old daughter, who, while

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I have a question about my 14 year old daughter, who, while watching a movie at school on special needs started to rock back and forth in her chair. she then started to laugh hysterically and her eyes rolled back into her head and she started to bang her head, at this point they took her to the health room and called the school psychologist who then called us to come in to help her. When my wife got to the school my daughter was incoherent, yet, could answer questions on lunch and age as some examples. I just got off the phone with the school psychologist and she stated she had never seen behavior like this before and it looked like she was unhappy with something in her head, she was rocking back and forth, snapping her fingers in her ears, and having a conversation with her self like "don't lie" answer "okay". I was also told her eyes had rolled up into her head and at on point she would bang her head on the wall. She has no recognition of this activity, literally 2 hours of memory loss, I am curious what this might be or how can we help her, I am thinking getting her into a doctor for a neurological scan as well as a physical and go from there, but was wondering if there have been cases like this in the past that maybe lead me into a direction? any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello, Sorry to hear about this scary incident with your daughter,

The sudden, acute onset of unusual behavior like this calls for immediate attention. Your instincts to go a doctor for a neurological workup is correct. I would take her to an emergency room tonight (after calling insurance and letting them know). The doctor there can get a neurological consult. This could be an atypical seizure or other acute neurological problem. I have never seen it present this way but have heard of it. This is not the kind of thing that should wait until tomorrow. They will probably also do a drug screen (in case).

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