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Mina, Clinical Psychologist
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What grounds does a psychiatrist need to section me under the

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What grounds does a psychiatrist need to section me under the mental health act.? I am having problems withdrawing from citalopram , so I contacted my psychiatrist and have just had a very unhelpful call from my CPN, who says my behavior has changed over the past couple of weeks. And that they wanted me to attend the day hospital. I explained that all I wanted to do was withdraw from citalopram at a slower rate. and begin counseling sessions. I first contacted my cpn and psychiatrist one week ago and they have just got back to me. I would be grateful if you could tell me one :do I have to attend the day hospital ? and 2 what evidence do they need to section me. I would be very grateful if you could advise as I was sectioned back in 2006 with a 'manic episode.'
many thanks Suzanne Sanderson

I am sorry to hear about this difficult time for you. First of all, I would like to explain that the day hospital usually involves various activities and groups which patients usually find beneficial. You would not be obligated to attend however, depending on your circumstances it may help you. You also have the ability to see the mental health staff and discuss any concerns of yours. I believe that you have not been given appropriate information regarding this. Day hospital is by no means a section of a patient. The grounds that a psychiatrist would need to base a section under the mental health act 1983, involve mainly high risk for a patient to harm themselves or others. So unless you feel actively suicidal or the urge to harm others then you run no risk whatsoever.

You can read more details if you are interested on the link below. You may need to copy and paste it to your browser if you can not press it here.

I would advise you to ask for an appointment and speak to your psychiatrist and calmly resolve the confusion which has brought this tension for you. If you are dissatisfied with your CPN then you can ask to be allocated another worker.

I believe that if you feel better then you should discuss cutting down on your medication. However, it would be advisable to follow the directions of your psychiatrist on this. I also believe that you have a very valid request for therapy sessions and you should make sure that this request is heard and followed.

If you remain unsatisfied with their service, you can always contact the service manager of the CMHT (mental health team) and involve him/her in your case for a review.

I hope that helps

All the best in your efforts

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