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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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im going into detox friday. there going to give me subutex

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i'm going into detox friday. there going to give me subutex and librium. to those who are unfamiliar with sub, it turned into me into a catonic, vomiting catatonic almost human. my question is that there going to let me take my main meds, whichs= includes add medication. i'm going to take as much as possible to counter sub'd effects. i have rx for vyvanse for 50mg once a day. i have vyvanse in 20mg capsules. tomorrow i'm going to ask for adderalxr for 2 days at 30 mg a day. i want to counter sub;s effects as much as possible. when i took it , my opiate recetors were empty, since, i have developed a kratom addiction. since my ops are partially full, does that mean that i would have a better reaction? bonus for specific answers. expert please or someone that KNOWS! VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION! PLEASE HELP! ERNIE judt someone that knows about addiction and stimulants and if my logic is correct
Hello & Welcome to Just Answers.

It does matter that when you took sub the last time that you weren't on opiates and that this time you're right about that. You should have 'less' of a reaction, although I can't predict whether that will be 'better'. One thing - you shouldn't have the vomiting this time if your body is used to the kratom. Detox pretty much is not a fun thing to endure in any way, shape or form, so we're talking the less of evils here. Most people want to be a zombie during detox so that you don't feel it.

After that, you have a right to decide what dose you want to be on ...if you're too zoned out, then get your medication adjusted to a proper level. You'll have to advocate for yourself on that one.

The add meds thing: I see a wide divide on that one in how each doctor treats it. About half will detox you off everything that can be addicting with the idea that a clean slate is the goal. Many won't allow add meds during inpt treatment either. Some do this just because they want to find out how much of the add problem is connected to other drug use, some just because they don't trust an addict's version of a history that includes the need for amphetamines.

If you are able to stay on your add meds during detox, then yes, they will decrease the catatonic/zombie feeling. Both the vyvanse and adderal xr will do that. You'll be more energized, but like I said before, most people don't want to be energized during detox...they want to wake up 5 days later and not feel like total doo doo.

I hope that covers your questions. Take care.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
th is just a simple detox unit and they allow maintenance medication. i don't abuse add meds but this just one time with sub, librium? phenobarbital? i 'll do whatever i can for two days to stay awake and functional.


I think the adderall xl is going to be your best bet in that case.


Take care and be gentle on yourself!


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