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Sarah, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 143
Experience:  Chart'd Psych, 12 yrs exp. English prisons, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Therapist, BPS, HPC reg'd.
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I have been very wealthy most of my life, and an an investor

Resolved Question:

I have been very wealthy most of my life, and an an investor after my husband became brain damage 19 years ago. My daughter is 21 and a student, I live alone. I have lost most of my money in the 2008 crash, and find myself needing employment at age 60. I sadly, did not finish college even though my position levels were high end. My skills are old, I am old, I am trying to make a decision as to what field to get a degree in keeping in mind my age, marketabiity, talents, desires and of course financial safety and growth. I ma confused and afraid. I feel stupid. I have been out of the job market since 1987.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Sarah replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Sarah : Hi there, I hope my answer brings you confidence that you can help yourself and a direction in which to begin.
Sarah : I am wondering if taking a degree is the best option for you at the current time of you need finances right now, as doing a degree will take its time and has no guarantee of a post at the end of it. Have you thought about your talents and desires, to see whther you could make an income out of those? What is it that you truly enjoy doing? Could you build up a small income or business based on local needs in your area, such as ironing, cleaning, dog walking, dog sitting, gardening, etc. etc. ? These may not sound very financially forthcoming, but I am a great believer that when one door opens, others open given a little time. If you are good at what you do, then word of mouth gets around and people come for more. Are you creative? Could you make necklaces, etc. What kind of place do you live in? I am currently by the seaside in England and there is a lady who is braiding childrens hair down on the sea front -she charges 60p (about $1) per inch and she is always busy and earns a small fortune on a daily basis.
Sarah : If you really want to go for a degree, you would have to know that this would potentially be an expensive investment to begin and wouldn't reap benefits for a while. Certainly in England there are many graduates who cannot get a job at the moment because of the current economic climate. We (the powers that be) are talking here about training in skills rather than getting a degree, which often doesn't actually qualify
Sarah : You for doing anything specific.
Sarah : Don't be afraid to use what you know in the modern market -can you knit or sew? Try and think outside the box about what you enjoy. Looking forward to hearing from you, I see you are offline at the moment. Best Wishes, Sarah
Sarah : PS. Try not to feel stupid about your current position, you have done marvellously well to support your husband and daughter so far. There rare many people who lost money in the crash and you are certainly not alone in that. Your age should be respected and not ridiculed, although I understand that you feel somewhat out of touch with the current working market. Don't forget that old fashioned hinge rare very much in fashion now, so have a good think about what you can already do.
Sarah : Hi there, good to hear from you. What do you think to what I have written so far?
Sarah : Is there a market for your investor skills?

Hello Sarah I had trouble with no link on the email so glad I saved this page. I live in an are I would love to leave but can not due to the housing market. I have the responsibiities of a wealthy woman mortgage, insurances, etc, without the finance to last much longer. The type of degree I am seeking , I think , should be more in the health care field, as I had a background in pharmaceutical sales and hospital surgical sales prior to marrying and I know the teminology well. I am thinking of hands on ie: nursing, sonographer but do have limitations regarding lifting which I hope to get around. I qualify for student loans. I am creative, love design have renovovated homes and write well. What you suggested all sounds well, but I need to make more money, especially until I sell my home. There is no market for a designer nor do I have the funds to renovate. Is this session still covered in my fee, because I don't want to be charged again. Thank you

Sarah : If you press the return button as you are typing the paragraphs I can start to read what you rare typIng .... Thanks
Sarah : Please press retune every so often and I can read what you are writing... Thamks



are you there?

Sarah : Hi there, there is no charge unless you press the 'accept' button, which means you are happy with our chat. It continues until we stop and then you can decide whether to pay the fee and if you rare really pleased, a bonus is appreciated. The nursing sounds great, how far have you got in this -what is your current sumbling block?
Sarah : I'm not sure if that answer was printed so I'll type it again. You only get charged once you press the accept button, which you can do if you are happy with the chat. You can then deecide whether to pay the fee, and whether to add a bonus if you aree really pleased with it.
Sarah : Oops, there it is!

I am going to go. I am not certain of what to do , that is all. I don't think this really helped, but I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX time and help. I wish you well and anticipate no other charges. I have already paid. Bye now

Sarah : You are vey welcome. You could always join Just Answer as a nurse and answer questions on line. I wish you the very best with whatever you do. sarah

Not a bad idea. God Bless, have a good day.

Sarah : Obviously I meant that just to tide you over till you are qualified. Do you have a support group in America for people who have family with brain damage. I understand that you are alone now, but they could still give you advice. Have a look on the Internet for one.
Sarah : It is night time here now, I shall be going to sleep soon, but thanks!! I shall sleep well. Have a good day, stay positive, listen to some gentle relaxing music and get intouch with your subconscious mind, where all of the answers are stored, you may be surprised what is stored in there for you.
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