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is prozac a norepinephrine reuptake inhiitor? i was taking

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is prozac a norepinephrine reuptake inhiitor? i was taking cymbalta 30 mg along with paraxotene 30 mg. and i now have prozac. is this the same sort of drug?
Hi mialouise:

Nope... Prozac opnly affects the re-uptake of serotonion. Pristiq and Effexor would be closest to Cymbalta.


Dr. Steve

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
along with the cymbalta my doctor prescribed paraxtine 30 mg. can i just stop using the cymbalta altogether? (and not even try the prozac?) i also take trazadone 30 mg. to sleep. I suffer from paranoia and anxiety. i would like to reduce my medication
Hello again:

To being, I would urge you NOT to make any decisions regarding medication without the assent of your physician. S/he knows you best, XXXXX XXXXX also be aware of your cessation to monitor for withdrawal issues. And you cannot simply "stop" taking the Cymbalta - you must wean off of it.

But having said that, there is some redundancy between the Cymbalta and the Paroxetine (correct spelling). If you have not had problems with depression, my guess would be that the Paxil (Paroxetine) alone would help to contian the anxiety. S/he may have added the Cymbalta to accelerate the Paxil, or perhaps wanted to control your appetite (?). Generally, Cymbalta would create some energy, so I am not sure what the rationale may have been.

Again, talk these issues over with your physician. S/he may be more amenable than you think!


Dr. Steve

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Smilethank you. knowing this makes me feel more educated. one more question, when you go off a medication do you lower doses or skip days? I am not sure how it is done. Thank you. Happy New Year
Sure... when you go off the meds, it isn't advisable to skip days. Rather, your physician will advise you to ratchet down the dosage, usually in cycles of three days to a week, depending upon where you start from. In other words, you would reduce and hang there for a few days, then reduce and hang for a few days, etc. After you are on the lowest dosage for several days, you can eliminate the med. The withdrawal from SNRIs can be pretty snarky if you just stop cold turkey.


Dr. Steve

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Hello again, Mia:

I wanted to remind you to please hit "Accept," otherwise I am not credited with your response. Thank you in advance-
Dr. Steve

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