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Gina P
Gina P, LCSW
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 175
Experience:  MSW, LCSW, PIP
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I still need more info as where my councillor is from Canada

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I still need more info as where my councillor is from Canada or the States or else where This is important to me as I have to be careful who receives my info and I do not want to see unaproved charges on my charge card. I know there are Alot of scammers out there and I need to know more. Please up date my accoun because I am afrais that I wil continue to pay evertime I ask some thing here I am No tsure stil how this system works.

Hi, Just so you know, every time you ask a question and enter an amount you will pay, and then accept the answer, you will be charged.

You might want to continue the clarification of questions by clicking on a previoius question you asked and requesting clarification. this enables you to only pay once for the same question.

If you have different topics, then you may submit different questions. Hope this answers your questions. Gina

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I need help with my spelling on line I don't want to look like an idiot. As I have forgotten how to spell. Never was great at it but I am not the best since grade 5 or six.

Not kidding I am a terrible speller.. My posts look bad as there are so many type errors


I cannot even get the word counsellor right as there are two ways to spell it.


I hope this will help clarify the fact that I am in major need of a overhaul. How could some one with no grammer skills look professional at all? My typing is very slow even Mavis Beckon (sp) kept sending me back for a re do. I just am not too savy with the new tech. stuff and I cannot grant the option that I will not make terrible mistakes that might get me into trouble. I am not always functional. I am who I am and I am not guarranted to work properly



So, Are you prepared to invset time a patience with me as I need super assistance..


I don't really see a lot of spelling errors and with computers now, most people aren't very accurate spellers!


I think it would be good if you could find a counselor in your area to talk with who can follow you along as you progress and assist you in obtaining medications if needed also.


What do you think? Gina

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My office Outlook Express Email won't let me acccess my Hot mail account
Hi, I am not an expert in this area, but try shutting down and reopening. You may want to ask this question under another category. gina

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