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Ralph LMHC
Ralph LMHC, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  20+ years as therapist, supervisor, clinic director at mental health, substance abuse treatment ctrs
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I am always frightened that something terible will happen to

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I am always frightened that something terible will happen to me or my family. i am scared both of actual murderers and zombies and supernatural things. Ii have to cover mirrors before sleepinI imagine them breaking into my house and try and work out where i would hide. im particular obsessed with zombies and i try and think of a plan on hiding in my loft and whether i would have time to get food and water up there, tell my family to do the same, and whether it would be safe even to go outside and get the ladder to the loft from the shed. I also plan to release my dog and cat so that their sounds won't be able to alert them to where i am. I am scar When i am feeling frightened, particularly when left in the house alone over night i have to make sure the house is locked up, check every room holding a knife and shut doors so that i know nobody could have gone in after i checked. i have to keep looking out the window to make sure nobody is around, but make sure i can't be seen from outside


I tsounds like yo are suffering from an anxiety disorder. I know you are fearful, but do you ever hear or see things that you ate really not sure if real or not.? I will try to give you a complete answer wjen yo answer my question.



Ralph LMHC

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I don't actually see anything, i understand what's real and what isn't. But i have this overriding sense of dread and sometimes i get the feeling that whatever i am scared of will burst through the door any minute. That it could come true. I've spoken to my partner about my fears of zombies and he says they will never be real and although i kind of know this i also say but what if a disease caused people to have a more aggressive strain of rabies and that's why they attacked people, and i also argue that you just don't know everything that's out there. When i think this way i tell myself that people do enough horible things to each other so why add this extra fear and then of course i obssess about real life horrors - things i read in the news, see in films and i start to think that there is so many horrible things out there that i could never really be save. I know that just because these things happen that does not mean they will happen to me or the ones i love, and that it would be highly unlikely to. But i often sit feeling terrified and sick and shivering wondering how i could protect myself and the ones i love. Even writing now or talking about how scared i am i feel frightened and shivery and i feel im tempting fate. i need help because too much of my time is spent being fearful.



I think that you are suffering from a severe anxiety disorder. I would suggest a psychiatric evaluation for the most appropriate medication. In addition Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is something that I would recommend as it evidenced based as the most effective treatment for anxiety. If you do both, take medication and go for psychotherapy there is a very good chance that you can overcome this disability and enjoy life free from fear. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a means of teaching you new ways to think and act and as a result you will feel better. I hope this information has been helpful and I wish you the best.



Ralph LMHC

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