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Kelley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
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They are tring to steal my achievements and portray it as their

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They are tring to steal my achievements and portray it as their own kids achievements. They did the same with me and my sisters, while growing up. He would verbally abuse us and my Mom and Dad were never able to protect us from their verbal abuse. I do not want to put my kids through it and do no want to go throught it myself anymore. But since, he is one of my closest relatives, I can't completely rule him out. How do I let my other relatives know, about him and him abuse. and how do I protect myself and my kids from him.



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I am sorry that you suffered this abuse as a child. No child deserved that. You are in charge now and are the adult that has to protect your children. You do not have to put up with abuse, relative or not. If he does not stop then I would distance yourself from him the best you can. Do not let him control your life anymore.


I would suggest you see a therapist to help you work through this difficult time in your life. They will help you deal with what happened as a child and will help you learn to set your boundaries with him and your family.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can assist anymore. I am here to help.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any suggestions on how to set up my boundaries with him
I would talk to him and let him know that if he begins to verbally abuse you or your children you will walk out and then when he does follow through with what you say. You can not change anyone else no matter how hard you wish they would change, you can only change yourself and protect yourself and your children. If he continues to be verbally abuse then I would suggest distancing yourself from him as much as possible.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How do I avoid him from approaching my kids around my other relatives, to protect them from any emotional damage that he might cause. He has a tendency of bringing down people's spirit.