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Ralph LMHC
Ralph LMHC, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 872
Experience:  20+ years as therapist, supervisor, clinic director at mental health, substance abuse treatment ctrs
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To whom it may concern, I am struggling with sever insonmia.

Customer Question

To whom it may concern, I am struggling with sever insonmia. It is driving my crazy and i dont know what to do.
Every night just feels the same and all the days blend into 1.
I'lam a professional high school teacher and everything i do feels wrong.
Plz help beacuse i need to sleep
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Ralph LMHC replied 7 years ago.
Hello, First you should consult your physician to rule out anything organic. If that proves neagative, you have a number of options; The non medical involve doing meditation, relaxation or breathing exercises. After that the least innocuous proably involves the use of herbal teas like valerium. At thye same health food store they also sell melatonin as a sleep aid but I would ask my physician before doing anything. There are medications that are specific for sleep. They are (US brand names) Ambien, Lunestra and Sonata and they do have an addiction potentionaland need to be prescribed by a physician There is also Restoril which is a benzodiazapine for sleep, which probably has the highest addiction profile and it too requires a prescription. Lastly an atypical antidepressant is often used as a sleep aid due to its sedating effect. This too requires a doctor's precription. Once you have rules out any medical cause you might seek a mental health (psychiatric evaluation) to determine if anyxiety or depression are at the root of the problem in which case a course of psychotherapy may be in order. If you will notice all of the activities except for meditation, relaxation and breathing do require a consult with your physician before you begin. Best wishes and good luck. Please click green "ACCEPT" button on this page if you are satisfied with my answer so that I get credit for my work. Your feedback and bonuses are always welcomed.
Ralph LMHC

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