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Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW
Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW, Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 46
Experience:  Evidence-based therapeutic support. Cognitive behavioral strategies. Pre/postpartum expertise.
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This summer I am concentrating harder on getting off Paxil

Customer Question

This summer I am concentrating harder on getting off Paxil and getting on Sam-E. I read on one website that a person shouldn't combine SSRI's (Sam-E + Paxil) while decreasing Paxil, because two different SSRIS might screw up your body.

What do you recommended with this regard. Should I totally get off Paxil before starting Sam-E? Can I gradually decrease Paxil and increase Sam-E? If I take X amount of Paxil or Sam-E, does it maintain an X- average amount of serotonin in the body?

If I can't take Sam-E with a decreasing dosage of Paxil, what are some other herbs, etc. I could take? If I can, what is safe?

I am takine Lectithen, Chamomile, Gingko, and B-vitamins? Do these help? In the theoretical scenario where I was on Paxil for the intended amount and was to stay on Paxil, would it be bad to take this with Paxil? (just a imaginary scenario, not what I am planning on doing)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW replied 7 years ago.



You are asking very good questions about the safety of combining established, evidenced-based pharmacological treatment with complementary therapy that lacks such research.


It is customary to select one form of therapy, such as an anti-depressant, and not mix with another, such as supplements.


I would strongly advise you work with your prescribing physician to safely wean off Paxil, if that is your combined strategy. He/she will carefully monitor the "tapering" off of the medication.


Should you choose to explore other types of treatment/maintenance strategies with a different form of health provider, wait until you are "clean". Your doctor, again, can advise you when. He/she may be able to recommend a practitioner.


Remember also to include lifestyle supports such as a healthy diet, increased levels of exercize and reduced use of caffeine to maintain your well-being.


I hope this has been helpful. Thank you for writing.


Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My prescribing physician retired so I don't have one..I have alternative medicine psychiatrist that quit to do research too.

Can you forward this question to a psychiatrist with a degree or an alternative medicine doctor?
Expert:  Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW replied 7 years ago.

Yes, of course.


Who is monitoring you now while you are still on Paxil? You should be seen at least every two months if you are doing well, and more often if symptoms persist. For the short term, please see the person your retiring physician referred you to.


I will pass along your post to a medical psychiatrist, who I think could best support you.


Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW

Expert:  Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW replied 7 years ago.



I am not able to refer you to anyone outside of Just Answer, but you might want to check the list of experts in the mental health section and look for someone with psychiatry credentials.


I will now opt out.


Best of luck.

Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You can refer me to someone within justanswer.... How do you check the list of experts..for next time, can I ask a question to a specific expert\person? I though you could just ask a question to a general department.
Expert:  Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW replied 7 years ago.



Go to the main page and look under Meet our Experts. You can then see the choices.


When I opted out of your question, it opened the question up for others in mental health to respond to you. Hopefully someone with psychiatry training can get back to you!


Mary Lynn Trotter MSW RSW