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Dr. Chris in Ohio
Dr. Chris in Ohio, Ohio Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 20
Experience:  24 years Psych experience. Expert: psych meds, depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia
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Hello iam intrested to know if there are new anti anxiety drugs

Resolved Question:

Hello iam intrested to know if there are new anti anxiety drugs in progress and when could they be released on the market.I read that theres a new anti anxiety drug that goes directly to 5ht and unlike ssris that can cause intail worsening anxiety because this drug goes directly to seratonin it says it wont give seratonin based side effects.Do you know of any new drugs in progress that will treat panic and gad without worsening anxiety.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Chris in Ohio replied 7 years ago.
Excellent question! I wish I could be more positive in answering your question, but nothing on the horizon seems more promising than what we already have on the market. 15 years ago or so there was a lot of promise with the new, non addicting drug BuSpar. It was heavily used for a couple years, but its use was curtailed when practitioners found it didn't work!

SSRIs such as Paxil and Zoloft really do not work that well, but many practitioners like to use them as they are not physically addicting (although they may be psychologically addicting).

I have been in "the business" for 24 years, and I have found the absolute best medication for treating GAD and Panic Disorders is the benzo Klonopin. Anxiety can only be inhibited by something that enhances the inhibitoray neurotransmitter GABA, a chemical in the brain that controls excitement/anxiety. Serotonin really has nothing to do with controlling anxiety, or enhancing GABA.

The best drugs for enhancing GABA are the benzos, and the best Benzo I hvae found for GAD and Panic Disorders is Klonopin..... it is long acting, tolerance very rarely develops, and I have known people who have been on it for 15 years, and take 1-2 mg. as need to control their anxiety problems. Do not exceed 6 mg. per day. On days when you feel fine, skip it. This lessens the chance of tolerance and addiction. Again, only take WHEN YOU REALLY NEED IT!

I wish there was some magic pill on the horizon, but I suggest you stick with a proven winner, and go with Klonopin. If that drug doesn't work well for you, the next best would be Ativan, 1-2 mg as needed.

Good luck.

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