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I am 33yrs old and carrying twins, but thats not my questions.

Resolved Question:

I am 33yrs old and carrying twins, but thats not my questions. Its about my husband lately hes been telling me when other women make sexual inuendoes at him, like today. We were at the dmv getting an id and i was sitting next to him, and there was this attractive 20ish dark skinned woman being attended, my husband only dated dark skinned women before he met me, Anyhow I was called up and the lady sat down in the aisle in front of him, my husband got up and waited for me outside, while we were walking out he said, "did u notice that lady when she sat down in front of me her butt was hanging out her pants and i noticed she didnt have any underwear! I had to get up and leave. Please help me figure out is this my insecurity or is he trying to tell me something. I dont know... THanks, Raquel
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Nancy replied 7 years ago.



Welcome to JustAnswer.


You said that your husband tells you when other women "make sexual innuendos toward him". What else has he told you?


From the incident you describe she was doing nothing toward him - she just sat down. And I don't think he did anything wrong - he did notice that a woman's rear was hanging out - but he would have noticed that no matter who that was, right!?


Secrets are the thing that are dangerous - not what he's telling you.

I think this is just your insecurity - maybe this is the way you usually are - or maybe it's the pregnancy (twins do tend to cause more whacky hormonal things - I hate to generalize - but it could be...?)


Unless something really stands out with what else he tells you... this one incident doesn't sounds like anything to be concerned with - just something odd that happened - and he did get up and leave - not sit there enjoying the view!



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