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My daughter has been having sole therapy and last three years

Resolved Question:

My daughter has been having sole therapy and last three years group therapy.She lost her sister 11 yrs ago,12yrs ago she was with grandad when he died asi was away.The same week partner left ?& found he was with someone else & had a child.7 yrs ago had baby & few months later said father abused her.She confronted him said he hadn't but looked guilty.Had 2 more children in 3yrs.WE,VE looked after them weekly for her to work.Out of the blue a month ago said she didn,t want to see me & we couldn;t see children. Wouldn;t tell me why, told me to reflect on what i'd done as wasn;t her resposibility to tell me! Told her brother i was controling,manipulative & had emotionally abused her all her life! He told her that was rubbish ,she was really angry. Childrens; birthdays her partner has said post presents` She has worked as psychiatric nurse,in a juvenille prison,with drug abusers and alcoholics & mosr recently with disturbed children. Don't know what to do!Partner also sleeps down stairs.Di
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Nancy replied 7 years ago.



I see that you've written that you live in the UK. I am not sure about the law there, but here in the US, grandparents have legal visitation rights to their grandchildren.


You may want to give your daughter a little while to cool off -- something is bothering her, and she may just need time to work that out. Maybe her partner can tell you what she has said.


Sometimes, in therapy, people seem to get worse before they get better-- it's a natural part of the process of healing. It may be that something has come up for her that she needs time to work out on her own. She may seem angry for a while, but then process it and come back...


If, after a while, she still refuses to allow you to see her children, contact a lawyer and see what rights you have.


In the meantime, hang in there... you are their grandparent and they love you and won't forget you evn if you don't see them for a few weeks.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We have the same visitation laws in uk & have allready researched this.Partner refuses to speak either so stalemate.Answer gave us nothing new on situation so do not wish to proceed.Thank you.

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