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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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i wake up almost every day with a lot of different emotions

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i wake up almost every day with a lot of different emotions ---memories, things that have happend or could happen,small worries seem big.if i am agitated ,which is as easy to do as talking ,i could become so intensely enraged and almost terrify my family.this only lasts a short wile ,unless my husband bates me which is again quite easy .sometimes this prosses can completly tier me out for the day.if none of the above happens then it takes me about an hour to become NORMAL then every thing seems fine...i am 42,2 children,great house ,great man who is a great dad ,an easier than most peoples what is wrong ---could it be depression or bad diet or low blood suger,boredom? i smoke outside . my father is a non aggressive ,sports mad,accademic cambridge uni tennis at wimbledon etc mum a 70's mother ex catholic,out going could be a cow when i was young but mainly nice but big shouting about the drink can you help?

Hi there,


Welcome to Just Answer !


Well, i would like to ask you a few questions , before i could come to a probable diagnosis and solution for your present condition.


1) Since when are you having such emotional fluctuations?


2) Do you also suffer from on and off hot flashes, excessive sweating , unreasonable irritability, low mood , inability to feel pleasure , increased and pounding heart beat (palpitation)?


3) How are your menses -- regular or irregular , painless or painful and are these emotional undertones are more before few days of your menses?


4) Are you on any kind of medications or have you previously been diagnosed with any psychiatry condition ?


Kindly answer the questions against their numbers and i shall you with a fitting answer for your query.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

more regular.ihave always been quite emotional 1.a long time for 12 or 15 years it has got 2. no hot flushes , sometimes i sweat at night so much i need to change sheets but this is not common and can happen a few days before my period .i am not unreasonable but can get iritable but not much unless i get into this state ,there is a part of me that feels this all could be related to the unrest in my parents, i was dyslexic as a child,academically different to the rest of my family but i did very well in my job and social life.i must get the things i choose to do in life perfect so if for instance i do a christma s party it will exhaust me but it will be perfect. sometimes low mood dont want to go out .ofen dont want to go out but when i am out i feel great and have a good time. yes i feel pleasure .i have had what i think is a palpitation2 times , it woke me up after an argument .i sleep after a big blow up.3 my periods are reg no pain to talk about,i have had a test for early menopause , no .i lost a baby 2 yaers ago i was 7 months pregnant ,my husband was not very supportive and did not want to try again, i hate him a little for that. i am a frustrated person ,addicted smoker .i look at my husband through a magnifying glass and pick him apart, so slowley i find it hard to see him do something which i can do better and faster and he knows i can.the outside world does not know about my rag this is directed to family [not my children.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
did you get my message or is it lost i think you are in a different time zone than me .
Hi there,

        Thanks for the reply !

           Well, from your reply and the elaboration of your symptoms , it seems that you are most likely suffering from what they call is Atypical Depression.The symptoms like emotional lability ( fluctuation) , irritability, low mood , rumination and brooding over past life events and most importantly Mood reactivity , that is, as you said in response to positive, feel good news or events you react with happiness , all these are hallmark of atypical depression , which is a subtype of Major depression , but has low severity and relatively easier to treat.

   So, i suggest you consult your family physician , and ask him to start you on a moderate dose of 1 good Anti depressant , some of the better anti depressants are Effexor XR , Paxil , Cymbalta and Milnacipran . You shall discuss these anti depressants with your doctor , and choose any one of them , and ask your doctor to decide on the dose and time of intake of the drug.

   Besides the antidepressant ,i would suggest you to start practicing Yoga , for only half hour a day ,as this will tranquilize your mind and bring you at ease with your surroundings and will make you more tolerant and less irritable . You may get books or dvds on yoga in any store near your place or even through internet .

So, i suggest you shall embark upon the regime that i have proposed , and i am quite sure you will start appreciating the positive effects of the regime after a while , but i would request you to be patient for first 2-3 weeks of starting the anti depressant ,as this much time is required by an anti depressant to reach peak levels in one's body .

I wish you best of health.

I hope my answer serves your query according to your satisfaction.

Dr. Kaushik and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you

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