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I constantly feel withdrawn and tired. I cant concentrate

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I constantly feel withdrawn and tired. I can't concentrate and am hardly sleeping. Sometimes i just cry for no reason. In the past i have self harmed. I spoke to my friend about it about 6 months ago and she suggested i see a dr about it but i feel like they wont take me seriously.

I have no sex drive.

I keep getting really bad headaches .


Unfortunately, you are showing all the classic signs of depression. With your history of self harm, you need to see a doctor for treatment of your depression, before it leads to further disability to you.


I assure you that a doctor will take you seriously, and you need medication to help "re-balance" the chemistry in your brain. With this, and counseling, you will feel much better.


In addition, you need to get a medical evaluation, including bloodwork to see if you are anemic, and your thyroid checked.


Please see a doctor - this is the only way you will feel better from your symptoms of depression.


Good luck and please click ACCEPT if this information was helpful. Thanks.

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