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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 4596
Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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I am a 26 y/o ~225lb white/latin male. I went to the dr to

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I am a 26 y/o ~225lb white/latin male. I went to the dr to see if I could get some ADD meds because it has helped with focus in the past, but I've never been dependent on it because my ADD isn't too severe.

He said I had high blood pressure. He prescribed me a drug called lisinopril to lower the blood pressure. No ADD symptoms addressed. I also began to lower my calorie intake to roughly 1800 calories per day, raised my h20 intake, and increased my exercise in the hopes to lose weight to reduce the need to take lisinopril + be more healthy.

2 days later, I felt great. Mentally. Better than ever! I was suddenly able to think more clearly and be more active in meetings and conversations. I literally felt more alive, smart, and connected to the world. This lasted 5 days and then I woke up and it was gone.

I loved how wonderful I felt/thought for those 5 blessed days, but now I'm back to my old distracted self again. I feel much better physically though. What can I do to get it back?

Hi there,


Welcome to Just Answer.


Well , it is really heartening and inspiring to see , how a young man like you is working so hard to do whataever possible to move up the ladder and have a better life.


The fact that those wonderful 5 days of your life when you felt super confident and as nothing can go wrong , which eventually contributed positively to your career and life in general, should not only overwhelm you but you should also take it as an Indication that you can achieve anything ,if you really strive for it.


Please do not feel disheartened , that it lasted only 5 days , as you should take positives from it , and i am sure if you continue doing what you are doing right now , then you will very soon experience the same amazing feel and this time around it is going to stay for a long time. This is not the time to put your guards down and feel dejected , but instead you should work harder than ever to achieve what you achieved earlier.


There should be a right balance between your mind and body , as your body does what your mind commands it to do , so what you achieved during those 5 days was only because your mind wanted it so badly, as you started cutting down your calories, started doing exercise, and increased water intake, and all these you did on your own perseverance, as your doctor just prescribed you the medication.


So, i would like to suggest you that you are on the right track, as you have realized your limitations and now you have started to improve them, by controlling your weight, doing all sorts of positive things such as exercise, cutting down on calories, excess water intake,which not only will help in bringing down your BP, But also will reduce your weight as these are life style changes which are advised to adopt, in order to lower one's BP, plus since you are young , it will help you in getting off lisinopril.


But as of now you shall continue taking lisinopril and wait for your doctor's indication to stop it. Along with this medication you should continue your regular exercise, keep low calorie intake, low salt intake, and lots of water intake. Also, next time when you meet your doctor ask him if he can place you on a Psychostimulant such as methylaphenidate(ritalin) , or amphetamines ( Adderall) , only for a short duration , as they shall assist you in achieving your exuberant and confident self , which you achieved during those days, and once you got the consistency , the doctor shall stop it.


For , you half of the battle is already won as you have started on the right path, its just that a few small boulders life has thrown in your way , which you have to clear, by being absolutely persistent in your quest and you will see that in matter of sometime you will achieve what you have strived for .


I wish you all the best and keep doing the right thing.


Regards...Dr. Kaushik



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