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Daniel Wilson
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2003 kw w900..overheated and blew a rad hose..I shut it down

Customer Question

2003 kw w900..overheated and blew a rad hose..I shut it down b4 the computer did..let it cool..fixed rad hose and filled with water..on attempting restart it did not fire up...sounded like needed primed..attempted to pump it up but was already primed..I hated to do it but have it a shot of ether and got it running but it lopes and while idling oil pressure is around 35 to 40 psi..while idling it has no throttle response..just lopes.. hit it again with ether while watching the gauge and psi goes up to 65 to 80 and it stops loping but still no throttle response..when ether was used up it drops down to 35 psi and loping again
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Hi Randy, My name is***** is the make and model engine and any fault codes if the check engine light is on?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hey's a cat c15 codes that I know of..check engine light not on
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Truck has 3\4 tank of fuel..any
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hello???....still with me Dan?it's been near an hour and a half and no response yet...I guess I need to change the urgency to high...I'm sitting at the bottom of an exit ramp and was hoping I'd get a fast response..anything you can suggest will help
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Hi Randy, Sorry for the delay. I help on here in between jobs as time allows. I was logging out for the night and heading to bed when you replied back. I have a repair business and 7:00 AM comes early. No throttle response could be a number of things. Cat ET connected will help troubleshoot this. Could be a faulty throttle position sensor, cam sensor problem (usually will cause a no start condition), ECM software or wiring harness issue, Injector problems. Without codes you will need to verify fuel pressure with a gauge and if fuel pressure is good you will then check the other items I mentioned. Let me know

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hey Dan..I understand that 7 am comes early and the all would have been nice if you would have at least let me know that you were going to be done for the night...I'm at a service shop now and they are looking into it after being towed here..I wish you would have sent the case to another tech b4 going home..needless to say after 11 hours of waiting on an answer to your questions I had to do something ...sorry to say I'm not happy with the purchase of this tech forum
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Randy, im glad you are getting it worked on. Experts on here are not employees of the site and we only get paid a percentage of the question value on positive feedback or accepted answers. Until either happens our time is voluntary. We can opt out and the question goes back on a board. There is no guarantee that someone that can help will be logged in after midnight but is possible. This is not something that can be accurately diagnosed on the side of the road without a scan tool unless you have really deep pockets to replace everything including and ECM to guess and throw parts at it since there are no codes or possible no codes. Could be a power loss to the ECM. Do you keep a scan tool in the truck with you that will read live data?

Customer: replied 9 months ago. Dan I don't carry a scan tool in truck..the shop I'm at seems to think it cooked the bottom end and needs a motor or rebuild..
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Have them drop the oil pan and remove a couple rod and main bearing caps to inspect

Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Also check for signs of coolant in the oil pain and do a cooling system pressure test to see if you may have a liner problem, etc.

Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

If inspecting from below.... Rods and mains look okay and the cylinder liner walls are not scuffed or scored and there is no coolant in the oil it would be another problem for your no start but if any of these are found then yes you will need a rebuild.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
boss is bringing me another truck and I'm gonna leave mine here to get repaired
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Thanks for the update. keep me posted on the final diagnosis....

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Ok...I'm home I used my mom's PayPal account to pay for this just answers line..she feels the same as I do about this site...after my 4th post..once I got to the service place b4 I heard from you the next day at 1055 am on the 25th it was out of my hands so the usefulness which would have helped the night b4 was wasted and every thing you suggested after I got there was out of my hands she told me to post this...We are done talking, I needed assistance and paid for it, you failed and I have case in paypal for refund.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.

Hi Randy, Experts arent employees of the site and I help in between jobs as time allows. since you indicated you opened case for a refund I will no longer help you. I didnt get a dime of your deposit. My time was voluntary as you never rated.... your deposit sites with the site and only gets plit with an expert on positive feedback or accepted answers