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Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson,
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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Wayne I've asked your help with random issues on my Maxxforce

Customer Question

Hi Wayne I've asked your help with random issues on my Maxxforce 13 in the past and you were very precise and helped me get rolling without all the merchant abuse, so Im going to prolong our relationship. Lol.
I drive a 2011 prostar with 2010 made 13L Maxxforce
It's an expensive truck to keep running so I'll go with this: I started hearing a howl at certain peaks/ with certain applications of the door pedal under a load, especially in the 5-7 and 10 th gear range
It sounded like an air leak because it didn't fluctuate with the speed of the turbos, but did quit if the pressure was released and the turbo gauge still showed somewhere between 30/ 50 lbs .
So much sounded like an air leak that I replaced the original air control valve. Today byes the 1500 buddy up in the corner of the passenger side of the engine, ending with the same whine.
Leading me to assume it's a turbo or two hitting the fan while spinning.
Sure is odd how the turbo speed or gauge doesn't change the sound of whistling /cracking air seeping up and closing off (loose fan belt sound almost)
Anywsys bad news is the air control cable wasn't the culprit
I guess I'm wondering if the actuator on the high side turbo would cause that if it were bad or not functioning
The power is great
The performance is great
It's the whistling Under pressure That comes and goes making me wonder if I should replace the actuator for the turbo, before buying new turbos if possible. What does that sound like it would begin your professional opinion and based on your experience with these beasts? Thanks Steve
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.
Hi Steve, My name is***** left for vacation today and asked if myself or Spanky could cover his questions while he was away. Pressure test the turbo and intake piping and check for leaks with a soapy water solution. Also pressure test the charge air cooler for leaks. These will cause excessive turbo whine if any of the intake or boost piping have leaks. If that checks okay, remove the intake boot from the turbo inlet and check for damage to the compressor wheel and spin it by hand and feel for any drag in the bearings and for oil leaking from the center of the turbo into the intake or exhaust. From the sounds of the description there are likely no check engine lights or fault codes coming on? Let me know
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Ok I will proceed with that route. Thanks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 9 months ago.
Keep me posted. Pleasure to help