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I have a 2009 KW T660 w Cummins ISX 450. It has suddenly lost

Customer Question

I have a 2009 KW T660 w Cummins ISX 450. It has suddenly lost acceleration during my trip. Check engine light has been on forever w codes mech said could wait for repair. No other lights or evidence of what the prob is. Won't do a manual regen and TA told me they can't hook up to their computer to diagnose the error codes until after a regen is done. Must I take the truck to a KW dealer or can an independent shop diagnose and do any repair work required on this issue?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Hi my name is***** told you wrong, You need the codes to determine what circuit has the fault that is preventing a regen.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Driver TechniqueThe ISX engine is equipped with an diagnostic system. It is one of the most powerful parts of the engine package. As the engine is operated, this diagnostic system monitors operation information from electronic devices that are installed throughout the vehicle. The diagnostic system uses this information to determine the cause of engine failures.When a failure occurs, the diagnostic system stores a fault code and may light an operator fault lamp depending on the situation. In some severe cases, the engine will actually limit speed or power output to reduce the chance of progressive damage. The fault codes are used by service technicians to troubleshoot and identify engine failure modes. The fault lamps tell the operator how to react to the engine failure.Should the vehicle be equipped with a Cummins RoadRelay 4 the operator will be alerted to a system fault through an audible alarm. In addition, RoadRelay will also provide important details concerning the fault including: the fault code, a short description of the fault, current status, (Active or Inactive), recommended driver response and the number of times the fault has been experienced.Fault Lamps The operator fault lamps are the interface between the driver and the engine. The color and sequence of fault lamps designate that a certain action should take place. In some severe cases fault lamps are accompanied by engine de-rates or actual engine shutdown.Blue (Maintenance) Lamp: An illuminated blue (maintenance) lamp means that the engine requires maintenance or fluids. The vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible to correct the problem. If ignored, some maintenance conditions can cause improper engine operation and even progressive damage. Yellow (Warning) Lamp: An illuminated yellow (warning) lamp means that a failure has occurred, but the vehicle can be operated without progressive damage. The vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible to diagnose the failure. Red (Stop) Lamp: An illuminated red (stop) lamp means that a major failure has occurred that can result in progressive damage or affect safe operation of the vehicle. The vehicle should be shutdown as soon as safely possible.Flashing Red (Stop) Lamp: A flashing red (stop) lamp means that the engine control system has started the shutdown sequence. The shutdown timer will give the operator 30 seconds to find a safe stopping point. Limp HomeSome failure modes cause the engine to perform so poorly that the vehicle is disabled. Several of these failure modes are recognized by the electronic control system and a backup operating mode is enabled. This mode is called Limp Home. Limp Home is recognized by a yellow fault lamp and an obvious reduction in engine performance. The operator should report Limp Home modes immediately and take the vehicle to the closest repair location available. Limp Home is only designed to avoid stranding the vehicle in an inconvenient location. It should not be used for extended periods of engine operation.Fault Codes Fault code information can be flashed out with the operator interface lamps, read directly from the RoadRelay in-cab display or downloaded using an authorized Cummins' software tool such as INSITE.You must use the diagnostic switch installed in the vehicle cab to flash out fault codes with the operator fault lamps. To check for active engine fault codes and maintenance indicator codes, turn the keyswitch to the OFF position and move the diagnostic switch to the ON position. Now turn the keyswitch to the ON position. If no active fault codes are recorded, both the warning and stop lamps will illuminate and remain on. If active faults are recorded, both the warning and stop lamps will illuminate momentarily and then begin to flash the codes of the recorded faults.The fault code will flash in the following sequence:A yellow warning lamp will flashThere will be a short 1 - 2 second pauseThe fault code will flash on the red stop lampThere will be a short 1 - 2 second pause between each numberWhen the number has finished flashing in red, a yellow warning lamp will appear again. The fault code will repeat the sequence.Each fault code will flash twice before advancing to the next code. Let me know what you get for codes.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I don't have a diagnostic switch that I am aware of.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
If there is no diagnostic switch try your cruise set resume switch. Hold set resume until the check engine light begins to flash w cruise off.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
tried several ways w key on and button or button then key on. nothing seen. just chk eng light is on and yellow.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Thanks for the update. You will need to have this scanned if you can not do flash codes. TA gave you incorrect information. See if you can get the scan tool plugged in to read your faults. Most commonly DPF issues such as a plugged DPF will cause regen troubles but the codes will confirm whats preventing the regen. Let me know
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Are you saying to let TA do the fault readings, because they said they probably can't fix it, or must I go to the dealer on monday, or can I go to a close by independent shop to read codes?
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Will they charge to read the codes? If I have the fault codes I can tell you what will need to be checked and repaired to correct your regen problem
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
any one who has the ability to read the codes. All I need is the codes and I can look them up.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
okay, hold on I'll go check w them.
update.. i can pay to have them hook up computer and just give me the codes. they can't do any work on that dpf system. I will get back to you shortly.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Sounds good.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
okay i'm back.
7 pages of codes, most inactive
12 active
7 cab controller
5 engine
now what?
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 10 months ago.
Hi Steve, I was logged off for the evening when you replied back. We can post back and forth as needed. There is also a Premium service for phone calls to speed things up if needed and I can send you the request if interested. Please post the codes you have so I can look them up and I will post the information on your codes and give you the troubleshooting information and potential causes. In some cases the codes can lead to a quick diagnosis and other times they provide us with the problem circuit we need to test further. Let me know

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