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Have a 2006 Ford LCF. We have done alot of work on this truck,

Customer Question

Have a 2006 Ford LCF. We have done alot of work on this truck, basically cleaning the fuel pipes/rails in the head, new injectors, plugged turbo actuator, etc... Now, there is diesel getting into the oil, blowing the o-rings on the front 2 injectors. I am thinking IPR Valve/screen or exhaust back pressure sensor, but I am unsure.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The turbo was not working, but when we blew it clean, and blew clean the box where the vacuum-operated actuator rod comes out of, the turbo seems to be working fine. But diesel is still getting into the oil. But there is a pressure problem, almost like the exhaust is plugged. But the truck runs fine for a few days, until the diesel/oil level gets too high, because of the diesel getting into the oil, and the truck is then hard starting.
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with your concerns.
Diesel getting into the oil is usually at the injectors on these engines. I'm presuming you have the 6 cylinder Powerstroke Ford engine, correct?
Did you check and replace the seals, then re-torque them? If so, you may have a cracked injector. You mentioned that the front 2 cylinders keep blowing the o-rings? Is the compression test looking normal? The injector isn't getting pushed up or the cups aren't bad in the engine there?
On the turbo not working, look at the EBP sensor and clean the tubes out. It should be on the front of the engine for the EBP. Front, driver side. Blow the tube out and push air through it just to make sure it isn't plugged at all.
These turbos do get built up inside and there is a way to clean them up so they do work better. You would have to crack the turbo open to do it.
IPR valve would cause oil pressure to either get too high or too low and prevent a smooth idle or cause hard starts. If there are no hard starts, then the IPR is most likely still working normally.
My concern is the o-rings getting blown on the fist set of cylinders. So I would re oring them and maybe just order a kit for the whole rail on both sides, and then see what happens. If it does it again, compression test the engine for a valve is stuck and blowing through that injector, which is a even more serious issue.