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how do you reset codes on thermo king apu

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how do you reset codes on thermo king apu
Hi I'm Wayne
I will help you with this
Good Morning
If you have a Thermo-King ,that is a tripack
Carrier is Apu
What codes do you have
let me know
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
314 then 943 then temp.runs then second fan comes on then it shuts down cannot turn on or off by toggle switch on dash
Thank you for that
I will look this up in my books
about how old is it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
trk is 2006 peterbilt
Thank you , I will get on that
Your codes do not show of my books

The TriPac Engine On/Off switch is located inside the TriPac APU housing on the right side of the frame. This
switch must be in the ON position for the TriPac system to operate.
• If the TriPac Engine On/Off switch is OFF, no A/C Mode, Fan Mode or battery charging is available. Heat
Mode is available, but the TriPac evaporator fans can not be used for supplemental air circulation.
• If the TriPac Engine On/Off switch is OFF and the TriPac HMI Control Panel APU On/Off key is pressed,
an [Eng] Alarm Code will be set.
The Engine On/Off switch also functions as a service switch. It allows maintenance personnel to disable the APU
engine, even if the Main Power On/Off key is on

The table below shows the TriPac Alarm Codes. If an alarm condition occurs the alarm codes will be shown on
the HMI Control Panel Display and the red System Fault LED will be illuminated. See Section 5 of this manual for
additional information.
Type Description Conditions Possible Causes
Eng Shutdown The engine failed to start or
should be running and is
The Reset Switch has
If the unit is equipped with
the optional DPF, an [Eng]
alarm may be generated by
the Regeneration switch
being placed in the OFF
position or if a DPF
shutdown alarm occurs.
The Reset Switch has tripped.
This may be caused by low
engine oil pressure, high
engine coolant temperature,
or an engine start failure.
Be sure the DPF
Regeneration Switch is in the
ON position. If any DPF
alarm codes are set, correct
the problem and clear the
alarm. See the TriPac DPF
Diagnostic and Maintenance
Manual (TK 53924) for
additional information.
AcS Shutdown Air Conditioning System
The unit is not cooling. Typically caused by high
compressor discharge
ALt Shutdown Charging system failure. The battery is not being
This alarm code is activated
3 minutes after no alternator
output occurs. The alternator
might be malfunctioning or
the alternator belt may be
bAt Shutdown The battery system voltage
is below acceptable limits.
The battery is not being
Check battery for condition
and charge level.
Clearing Alarm Codes
Cycling the HMI Control Panel Main Power off and back on will clear the alarm code. First, record the alarm code
shown in the display. Use the HMI Control Panel Main Power On/Off key to turn the TriPac unit off. Resolve the
condition that caused the alarm and turn the HMI Control Panel Main Power On/Off key back on.
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