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I have a problem and really freaking out. Please help. I

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I have a problem and really freaking out. Please help.I went to Massage center on May 7th. I got body massage and at the end she offered a hand job(My first visit to massage center). I said ok and she did without condom. I asked her to put condom but she said they don’t use condom for hand jobs. I am a stupid at that time and agreed.
After that, she brought a warm towel to wipe out. During hand jo, I was playing with her boobs for all most 10 minutes. After that I cleaned wit water and went home. I was thinking what I did and started worrying about this incident. Neither I can go to work nor sleep. I lost my appetite and lost 4 pounds. I went to google and spent hours researching my issue. I red everywhere that hand job is safe and no risk for HIV or STD’s. I decided to ask a doctor and hence posting this.1. Any risk for HIV or STD’s so far based on what I described above
2. I used a warm towel. Any risk with that towel in case same towel used by a HIV person before
3. I did not check her hands for cuts or blood. What if she has fluids(HIV or Vaginal or some sperm . She did touch my urethra during hand job
4. I was playing with her boobs and used same hands(did not clean first) to wash my penis. Any risk there from my hand since I played with her boobs.
My symptoms:
Muscle pains, joint discomfort mostly. I have spondylitis and had a neck pain(right hand side) before massage. Now it came on left side neck is so stiff. Right side pain slowly came to right hand side breast(no pain if I take pain medication) and nipple so always very tendered. No fever, rash(although feeling little hard surface inside the mouth) or other symptoms. I think once in a while I am feeling abdominal discomfort.I am checking every hour temperature, rash and other symptoms and going crazy with this anxiety. I also have a anxiety problem in the past. I do take my blood pressure medication.I went on 11th day for STD and RAPID test and eagerly waiting for the result. This wait is really killing me.Doctor- Please help and asses my exposure and answer these questions. I also going to see a psychologist in 2 days.
Thank you for your attention
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
More info: started left palm itching too

Hello and welcome to JA. Dr Saleem here. Will be answering you shortly

I understand your concern however having reviewed your query i would say you have ZERO risk of HIV from this encounter. HIV doesnt spread through mere bodily contact. It needs exchange of fluids e.g vaginal juices, semen , blood etc. It doesnt spread through saliva,kissing. Towels ,hands, are unlikely sources of the virus as it doesnt survive outside neither get transmitted without contact with our body fluids.

You can relax ,you will have a negative test .

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Doctor- thanks for answering my questions. how about my symptoms? i just notices that my left palm bottm is swollen and itching. are these are ARS symptoms?

Well its a different query to your initial post . You will need to post a new query once you ACCEPT my response on this one for the due credit.

Will be happy to share my opinion there.

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