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I am in absolute torture and don't know what to do. My

Customer Question

Hello. I am in absolute torture and don't know what to do. My personal vet is trying to be supportive, I feel like I need an "objective opinion". My female cat is approx. 16 1/2 years old. Could be older, she was a feral and they made a guess. She was a hefty little thing for many years, then was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She did well on the medications for a while, then the meds didn't help. Tried the thyroid food, she wanted nothing to do with it. I had already put my other, younger cat through the radioactive thyroid treatment, and know that it is nothing this cat could handle. Here's my dilemma. She stopped eating on Sunday, and this is a cat who normally chows down. She received a shot of cerenia from my vet, didn't seem to help. I have been throwing every type of food at her, cottage cheese, yogurt, ground turkey, seafood, ANYTHING to get her to eat. She won't eat. I know the end is near. Here is my problem. I am leaving town tomorrow for 2 weeks. My Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer with mets, I HAVE to go. Someone will be staying at my house taking care of the other cat and my dog. WHAT DO I DO???? Do I risk leaving my cat her for 2 weeks if she isn't eating? Is the not eating temporary? Or do I have her euthanized tonight? I am half hysterical trying to make this decision. Please, any advice you have will be appreciated.
Submitted: 6 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  The Physician replied 6 days ago.
Hello, welcome to JA,I am one of the experts to guide you today.I can only imagine what you are going through deciding the fate of your loving pet.I always go straight forward to avoid ambiguities and prolong your dilemma at times like this. Just List the top five things that your feral cat loves to do. and write them down. If she can no longer do three or more of them, it concludes that her quality of life has been impacted to a level where many veterinarians would recommend euthanasia. Feeding is the most vital part of any life, and if she is no longer able to do that.Please do have solace from the fact that yo had given her the best quality of life she could get. Free her from the pain of lingeringThis is perhaps the most painful advice I have had to give in a while on this platform.Thanks for making it JA.Do not forget to rate my answer
Expert:  The Physician replied 5 days ago.

Hello. I the Expert from JA, who answered your question. I realize you did not acknowledge it for the system. Just checking if everything is alright