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My mom has an rash on her breast that is red and kind of has

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Hi my mom has an rash on her breast that is red and kind of has black pimples in it
JA: How long have you had the symptoms? What seems to make the symptoms worse or better?
Customer: She has had it for almost a week and everything that touches it or the certain way she moves it hurts she said it has a burning feeling and when she takes pain killers for it it helps
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: Well she has high blood pressure and chlorestoral


Welcome to JA and thanks for this question. Im sorry to hear about your mother's symptoms. Can you get a picture of the rash and attach it here? That will give me a better idea about the diagnosis and confirm a diagnosis that i have in mind.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Sure I just send you a picture

Thanks for the pictures,

The first possibility which comes to mind is that she could have developed a bacterial infection which can lead to the development of this kind of a rash. It can cause the areas of black blisters. Usually this would need to be treated with the help of antibiotics which should clear up the problem within 5-7 days in most cases.

Another possibility is that your mother could have developed shingles which is a condition in which the herpes zoster virus (this is NOT the common herpes virus which you hear about, it is a DIFFERENT herpes virus) infects the skin and causes appearance of blisters which change into scabs which appear as black pimples. This would be surrounded by a red rash which is very painful and can also cause burning and itching sensations in the area. This usually would appear in a band like fashion and would effect the breast but may spread to the chest underlying the breast or even spread to the back as well. Usually the rash of shingles is very painful as i said however it can be treated with the help of various methods. The first thing to do here would be to start her on anti viral drugs like valacyclovir which will shorten the duration of the outbreak. In addition she will need to be started on painkillers as well like carbamezapine or lyrica etc.

But i think she should start using OTC anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen at a dose of 400-600 mg thrice a day, apply OTC topical antibiotics on the area but she SHOULD see her doctor for prescription medications as soon as possible.

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you and no I got no further questions

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