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Neuro Doctor
Neuro Doctor, Neurologist (MD)
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified Neurologist, Internal Medicine
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I'm treated for appendicitis with levofloxacin 500mg and

Customer Question

I'm treated for appendicitis with levofloxacin 500mg and metronidazole 500mg is there any substitution for levofloxin (bad side effects) what happens when I drop this and stay with metronidazole only?
JA: What medications do you take daily? Are you allergic to any medications?
Customer: levofloxacin once a day
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: HRT (patch + progesterone)
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Medical
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
metronidazole 500mg I'm taking every 8 hrs , treatment should last 10 days....Im taking it for the last 3 days
Expert:  Neuro Doctor replied 5 months ago.

Hi, I am an American Board Certified Neurologist with vast experience in diagnosing & treating all types of neurological & other medical/gastroinmtestinal conditions including the concerns of “Side effects to antibiotic and possibility of switching over to another antibiotic” you have mentioned here and I am very glad to help you with your health concerns.

I see that you are diagnosed with appendicitis and receiving antibiotics in the form of levofloxacin & metronidazole

Sorry to see you are having bad side effects to levofloxacin antibiotic

We can certainly switch levofloxacin to an antibiotic from another group – for example you can try Augmentin. It is Amoxicillin preparation in combination with Clavulanic acid

If you are not having any penicillin allergy then you can try Augmentin and it is one of the commonly prescribed antibiotics for appendicitis

If you use only metronidazole then there is no guarantee it will alone cure appendicitis so you may change levofloxacin to Augmentin which is an excellent antibiotic and can be certainly tried in patients with appendicitis and as long as you are not allergic to penicillin you can use Augmentin in place of levofloxacin. And Augmentin can be safely taken together with Metronidazole too.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and please click a positive rating (preferably 5 Star/Excellent) to credit for the time & effort put by me in answering your health question, and this is the only way I will be credited for my service to you. If you have follow-up or additional questions you can ask them after the rating too.

Best regards,

Neuro Doctor

Expert:  Neuro Doctor replied 5 months ago.

Hi, Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you want to discuss this health situation further related to side effects to an antibiotic. And please do not forget to click a positive rating for my services to you. If you have follow-up or additional questions you can ask them after the rating too and I will be very glad to continue helping you as long as you need my services. Also if you are allergic to penicillin or not sure whether you are allergic or not then please let me know and I can mention some other good choice which is safe even with penicillin allergy too.

Best Regards,

Neuro Doctor

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