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I see there's sing a selection for pulmonologists so in

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I see there's sing a selection for pulmonologists so in hoping asking a cardiologist will help
How can i test lung damage thus far due to smoking inactivity and poor lifestyle habits and eating habits for the past eleven years ? The most accurate assesment and afterwards if the doctor will be able to tell me what this means in regards ***** ***** of the disease lung disease I am very concerned with my lung health due to life changes I can't explain that took place in my life family workplace Friend circle etc but these changes caused me to become totally dissociated in ways that caused my whole way of living to change from healthy and active to opposite

Hello this is Dr. Stan and I will assist you with your question today. I am board certified and I have 40 years of patient experience. I am happy to help you. I'm sorry to hear you have a respiratory problem. The best way to assess pulmonary function is with a Pulmonary Function test and measure the oxygen content in your blood. These are non-invasive tests that can help with initial diagnosis and predict lung function in the future. Should any abnormalities be found, then an evaluation by a Pulmonologist is suggested.

I am available to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you for allowing me to provide assistance. I hope your medical problem(s) are resolved soon and you feel better. If you find the information I provided helpful, please rate me with 5-Stars. Thank you

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
pulmonary function test will assess lung damage and extent of damage as in copd and emphysema ? If I have any of the two will pulmonary didn't in tea show this or hint towards this which im sure thereafter would cause him to send me to a pulmonologists to test and confirm ?
Pft and then based on those finding further testing by pulmonologists correct ?

Yes, the PFT will indicate if you have any lung damage. I would think that your doctor would send you to a Pulmonary specialist if there were an indication of COPD or Emphysema. If there is damage, then MRI or CT of Lungs would be indicated.

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