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What is the maximum dosage pain management clinics can

Customer Question

what is the maximum dosage pain management clinics can prescribe for chronic pain. I have been on a methadone clinic for over 15 yrs been in full compliance of all clinic rules at clinic. I have a broken back,2 dislocated toes, have 2 knee surgury's and 2 rotater cuff operations as well as a torn rh hand bicept.I have chronic pain daily sleep maybe 2 hrs. sleep nightly I go to a methadone clinic cause I cut my thumb off and man that !!@#$% hurts i was prescribed 200 percocets a week for 15 months. I was told by the receptionist that the DR.was leaving [gee i wonder why] so I immediately signed up to get on methadone maint. I was given 140 mgs but that was way too much so i went down to 125mgs now why can I not get 30mgs 3x daily i don't care if I have to get a refill every week I am on methadone for pain use ONLY I cannot get a strait answer cause of my past
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 11 months ago.

This is Dr. David

there is no maximum dosage for pain pills.

opiate pain medication levels vary from patient to patient.

patients over long periods of time can become tolerized to opiates and need higher and higher doses to have the same effect.

sometimes they need a drug holiday to come off their opiates like methadone or percocets to help correct their opiate tolerances.

I don't understand your history.

did you injure your thumb recently or was that in the past?

did you get a prescription for 200 percocets recently? or in the past?

are you doing to a pain managemetn doctor and also a methadone clinic separately? two different places?