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Dr. Muneeb Ali
Dr. Muneeb Ali, Intensivist
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS, MD, MCCM.Currently working in Critical Care Medicine with 10 year experience in Medicine
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I was given a liquid antibiotic infection 6 days ago, it is

Customer Question

Hi, I was given a liquid antibiotic for ear infection 6 days ago, it is not much better still have pain. could a sinus infection be causing this .
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Muneeb Ali replied 4 months ago.


Im sorry to hear about your symptoms. If ciprofloxacin isnt working after 6 days and your pain has not improved at all during this time, then it is possible that your infection is either resistant to the drug or you may have a viral infection in which case the antibiotics wont work. Now a sinus infection would cause additional symptoms as well such post nasal drip, fever, coughing in some cases, facial pain and headaches and if yoiu have these symptoms then it would be wise too have this evaluated with a clinical examination as well as with a sinus xray.

Secondly, the ear should be reexamined for signs of a resistant infection and if you have any discharge from the ear that should be cultured as well. Other causes of ear pain would have to be evaluated and i would recommend that the best solution here would be to visit an ENT physician to have this evaluated. In the meantime you can use OTC painkillers like Motrin or aleve.

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