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Dr. Abid
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Category: Medical
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I have had a chesty cough months. It is better than it

Customer Question

I have had a chesty cough for 2 months. It is better than it was but still coughing up yellow and clear phlegm. Also had chest pain/tightness which is now worse in my upper back. I had a 5 day dose of antibiotics about 2 weeks ago which didn't make much difference. I don't have a fever, feel OK but don't feel very motivated to exercise (I normally try and run once a week) and think I would get SOB very quickly if I tried.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 1 year ago.
Hi there ...Thank you for the question ...As you have Chronic cough that is of more than 2 months duration , not responding to antibiotics / and other measures .You have no fever , but much pronounced S.O.B at this stage it would be ideal for you to have few test to see the exacu cause of cough .I will suggest you to have Chest X ray PA view to look what is going in lungs , in addition to that you should have Blood CP along with ESR to see cell count and to look for infection .Treatment depends on exact diagnosis , test will help you out to reach the final conclusion .Please get test as early as possible and consult Pulmonologist ( Dr who deals with chest medicine ).Please proceed as I advised you .Regards ***** ***** luck .Please rate my answer as good service .Thanks .