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Muhammad Sarwar
Muhammad Sarwar,
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I have a abdominal aorta bulge at 3.3 cm, and right iliac

Customer Question

I have a abdominal aorta bulge at 3.3 cm, and right iliac artery bulge at 3.1 cm (per scan done last Nov). Dr wants to use a new Gore stent in FDA for approval. I am getting uncomfortable to continue waiting. Is above wait prudent.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Muhammad Sarwar replied 1 year ago.

Hello I am an Internal Medicine Specialist

It is not considered a surgical urgency until the abdominal aortic bulge reaches 5.5 cm or greater, HOWEVER, your Iliac Artery size is concerning and elective repair would be prudent.

A combination of factors can contribute to the bulges (ex smoking, uncontrolled blood pressure, high cholesterol), in the meanwhile you should actively monitor your blood pressure and keep it with the parameters your doctor has recommended (usually SBP than 120), and heart rates within 60-90 (towards the lower end preferred). Some physician may be more aggressive and try to aim for lower numbers.

Another factor, perhaps you can look into is how much your Iliac Artery bulge has expanded over a period of 6 months. If it has increased >= 7 mm in the past 6 months, than I agree with you and would try to get the procedure sooner.

I hope the information I have provided is of help to you.

Expert:  Muhammad Sarwar replied 1 year ago.

You could also ask your doctor if there are other stents available that would allow you to have the procedure earlier (in case the Gore Stent is the rate limiting factor here), or if he could refer you to another physician who would be willing to do the procedure sooner if you still do not feel uncomfortable. You may want to communicate these concerns with you doctor directly since he knows your situation better and may have other reasons for having you wait.

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