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I am very worried and need some advice. I have an upper left

Customer Question

Hi there, i am very worried and need some advice. I have an upper left aquadrant mass, it causes pain that comes and goes, but now that i am pregnant the pain seems to be round more. Plus it seems bigger, but i dont know know if its because im getting bigger and my tummy muscles are stretching.
A bit of background is i am very overweight and im currently 30 weeks pregnant. I have been going to the drs for the past 12-18 months with complaints of this, but i was told it was s pulled muscle every time as when the gp performed a abdominal exam they coldnt find the lump, but i could always feel it while standing. I went to the gp recently and showed him the mass while i was standing and he could deffenatly see it. He said it felt like it was in my abdominal wall, but has reffered me to a surgion to get another opinion. The mass is quite large, about 10 cm long, its soft and smooth and rounded, i dont think it moves.but it disapears when laying down. I had constant soft or loose poos for 6 months, but that seemed to disapear when i got pregnant. But i did get my stools checked we hi h came back normal. I dont have any bowel problems now, my poo is dark though, but i think thats because of my prenaitals.
I had an ultrasound done on my abdomen that came back normal ,but i am woried its stomach cancer or some kind of life threatening condition. When i bend over i feel a weird sensation where the mass is and other times its just a dull ache, other times it doesnt hurt at all. Would stomach tumors show up on a abdominal ultrasound? Because i am considered a high risk pregnancy because of my weight and blood pressure i am having regular blood tests, every thing comes back normal, eg iron and other things.
I know this is a long post but im really worried as i am a mum and this has been going on for so long, if it is cancer i could have had it delt with sooner, and the specalist is not till the new year. Its causing alot of anxiety.
Can u get hernias in that area? And would they always show up in ultrasounds? What if its just a tear in my abdominal wall that fat is just pushing through and not organs? Thanks for your assistance and i look forward to your responce.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

this is not stomach cancer.

most likely this is extra pannus or abdominal fat you are seeing in the area.

the ultrasound would have seen stomach cancer.

don't let your anxiety get out of control with worry here.

you could be having inflammation of your stomach organ which holds the food and produces stomach acid .

often times gastritis inflammation of the stomach organ will cause pain and sometimes can cause acid reflux or sour stomach symptoms.

anxiety can worsen stomach acid production.

it is not cancer. I am a cancer doctor.

hernias would show up on ultrasound.

it is not a tear in your abdominal wall.

you might need to watch your diet and eat foods which don't worsen your stomach acid.

spicy foods, sodas, fried foods, tomato sauces, oily foods can worsen stomach acid.

let me know if you have questions.