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I have had soft stool and anal leakage - I eat well and

Customer Question

I have had soft stool and anal leakage for months - I eat well and exercise - the leakage irritates my anus so I have to carry wipes and cream with me everywhere - do I have too much fiber in my diet or not enough? What could be the cause? No other symptoms
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 1 year ago.
Hi there,
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Hi there.
Too much insoluble fibers causing this due to the relaxed anal sphincter.
You should get a colonoscopy to rule out any rectal polyps causing this problem.
You can try Loperamide tablets available over the counter.
Another option is to try anticholinergic medication like hyosciamine before the meals to stop these episodes.
Low doses of amitryptyline can also improve the symptoms by decreasing the amplitude and frequency of rectal motor complexes and an increasing colonic transit time.
Another option is to use anal sphincter stimulation devices to prevent stool leakage.
The Acticon (TM) neosphincter (American Medical Systems, Inc, Minnetonka, MN) device is one such example, very effective in preventing your symptoms.
Next option is surgery.
A number of surgical approaches to fecal incontinence have been described including direct sphincter repair, plication of the posterior part of the sphincter, anal encirclement, implantation of an artificial sphincter, and muscle transfer procedures with or without electrical stimulation.
Electrical stimulation of the sacral nerve roots can restore continence in patients with structurally intact muscles.
This approach appears to be particularly effective in patients with neurologic disorders and may be less costly than more invasive operations for fecal incontinence.
Watch your diet carefully.
Follow a low residue diet.
The following foods are generally allowed on a low-fiber diet:
Enriched white bread or rolls without seeds;
White rice, plain white pasta, noodles and macaroni;
Refined cereals such as Cream of Wheat;
Pancakes or waffles made from white refined flour;
Most canned or cooked fruits without skins, seeds or membranes;
Fruit and vegetable juice with little or no pulp, fruit-flavored drinks and flavored waters;
Canned or well-cooked vegetables without seeds, hulls or skins, such as carrots, potatoes and tomatoes;
Also consider taking a probiotic daily.
Phillip's Colon Health is a good probiotic and helps in improving colon health.
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