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I have a job where I stand and walk on my feet -7 hours

Customer Question

I have a job where I stand and walk on my feet for 6-7 hours per day. I wear a shoe and require a dress shoe. My ex father in law was a podiatric surgeon. 12 years ago I was a Bartender and I had horrible heel pain and of course I went to see him. I had
Plantar Fasciitis. He also did X Rays and measurements and watched me walk and said I needed Orthotics. I hated them at first but for 12 years I have been wearing the same pair (Recovered 3 times) without many issues in both my dress shoe and athletic shoes.
I started recently to notice some heel pain and lower back issues by the right buttock. I decided to see my friend who owns a Orthopedic Shoe Store and is a Certified Orthotist And Pedorthist for 23 years. He realized my dress shoes (Rockports) were shot...and
my Sneakers also were worn. He recommended a shoe calle Moran from Israel as my work shoe and New Balance 840 for Sneakers. I liked the Sneakers but wasn't in love with the Shoe but he said I would love them. Never got a complaint about them. He also noticed
my Orthotics were over 12 years old and said they no longer were even fitting the shape of my feet and one of them was Slightly Cracked on the Rigid Material. That's when all hell broke loose. He said with new technology only about 2 % of people really need
to spend on a Custom Molded Orthotic although he makes a lot of money on that...he carries hundreds of well made Off The Rack Orthotics which he wanted to find me. He tried a couple and they didn't fit then chose the Powerstep Wide Fit ( I Wear Wide Shoes)
and he said the were perfect. He trimmed them a little so they could be used in my Moran's and the New Balance. I told him they felt a little weird like a lump in the arch but he said that is normal as I haven't been used to proper support in quite some time
since the old orthotics were basically doing nothing after 12 years. I travel for business and stupid me...forgot about break in periods etc and I wore these in both shoes all day long and didn't have a back up on the road in North Carolina. I hated the shoes
with the no heel design and they felt bad. By time I got home my feet were in agony and so was my lower back. I went to see him...he offered to change the shoe and go less aggressive with than the Powerstep Wide Fit. and said I bruised myself by wearing them
too long the first few days. We found a nice dress shoe by Apex with a Heel (Thank god) He decided for my dress shoe that the Superfeet Delux 3/4 inch Dress would be still supportive but would help me at work. When first trying them on I couldn't even tell
I had an insole in. So that was a go. He said no break in for these. For the sneaker he said get a separate orthotic. He gave me the New Balance Stability Insole. I still felt the Golf Ball under the arch in those but not as bad and he said that would go away
and was normal. I was wearing my new shoes...even though he said no break in I was cautious and wore the Superfeet for 2 hours then switched to the stock insole...but at end of 7 hours I had low back feet were on fire and I had arch pain now as well...
The sneakers with the New Balance Stability insole ...even just wearing around the home for a little was so uncomfortable because my arch was already bruised and now that golf ball under the shoe feeling was even worse. I used to love to switch from my Rockports
to my was like a vacation for my feet. Now I have hip pain on my right side sore..low buttock and right low back pain and shin and ankle soreness. I am off for two days before I have to fly to Virginia for more Standing on my feet work as
a corporate manager for a Restaurant chain. I am going to see my friend the Pedorthist...and at this point I have no clue what to even ask him to do?? I don't know what to wear on my feet. I don't want to make things worse. They can't get much worse now. I
almost wish I never even went in for new shoes and just wore the old sneakers old shoes and yes 12 year old half cracked orthotics because all I had was some sore aching feet at the end of a long day but no hip, ankle, shin and arch pain. Please advise the
best you can.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately, you don't even have a diagnosis.
You need to see an MD of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
This is not just a foot problem.
There is now the issue of the lower back and the entire structure.
A physical medicine and rehab doctor will give you a complete structural diagnosis and address all problems, including if you need orthotics, among other interventions.
I would not keep on as you have been, which is clearly causing problems.
OK, so that is an initial answer….
Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please send this to a different physician or maybe podiatrist.... I realize what you are saying however... I have been wearing these old orthotics etc for 12 years and yes I am aware of my other problems such as herniated discs for over 20 years and the Plantar Problem I had ... this is the results of working in the industry I do at 55 years old. None of the types of pains I have described have ever come up such as hip pain and all of this until I wore the First set of new shoes and orthotics for 5 days straight without a gradual break in period. I have no time in my life now to deal with different opinions of Orthopedic doctors and Sports Rehab doctors and Podiatrists and Chiropractors... this was obviously started by new orthotics not custom made and wearing them 7 hours a day straight with no adjustment. I am asking just about the Orthotic situation now...what my options are regarding the New Shoes and The New Orthotics that I gave specifics about... I may even just go back to wearing all the old stuff and hope that the aches and pains will subside even though the shoes and orthotics are old.
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
There is no podiatrist on line here currently.
Your symptoms are clearly not only you clearly state with disc problem.
We answer questions on this site; we do not recommend a specific treatment at we can not examine you.
I will say that I disagree that a customer orthotic can be replace with a one size fits all. I have run centers for addressing your type of problem, and I have over 20 years of experience with this.
There is no hands off recommendation that can be made as to orthotics, particularly not for this constellation of problems.
I am suggesting a physiatrist because their job is to coordinate ALL of the other practitiners and modalities, based on what is really wrong.
Often, covering up the problems higher up with orthotics lower down allows those problems to progress, not stabilize.
I am giving you the best an most ethical recommendation here.
Is there a question not answered?
We answer questions only...we do not second guess your doctors, who can examine you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry there is no Podiatrist or Pedorthist available to speak about the specific questions I asked. I certainly understand what you are saying. My Friend the Pedorthist believes that 5 years ago there wasn't the technology we have today. If you go to a Podiatrist all they are going to do if Orthotics are prescribed are take a mold of your feet and then send them off to a lab who is going to basically make them off a one size fits that particular type of arch or foot mold. That's what The Walking Company does etc. We are not talking Dr Scholls here. There are so many quality styles of Orthotics that as he said 98% of the people will be a perfect fit for depending on their issue and only 2% Of his clients need him to design a Custom Orthotic. With that said... You have to have an understanding that there are a lot of other factors here. Financial and the Industry I am in. Not one of my colleagues doesn't walk around in some sort of back, foot, hip etc pain everyday. We do what we have to do to earn a living in these times and Health Insurance with expensive deductibles and co insurance ....we can't just afford to do MRI's and go to several practitioners and Physical Therapy etc. I have survived 15 years with an old pair of Orthotics from a diagnosis of my ex father in law the Podiatrist .... of Plantar Problems. This was way after I had diagnosis of herniated discs etc. All I wanted to do was treat myself to a new pair of shoes for my hard work... and I went to the pedorthist because he has a great selection of shoes of all types in Wide Sizes. I wasn't expecting to replace the Old Orthotics in the Sneaker or the Shoe. It was when he went to slip the orthotic in the Shoe and Sneaker that he pointed out that they were useless in his opinion and over 12 years old and had a crack that he suggested we replace that as well... All of this hip, ankle, Shin, Arch, Heel discomfort started from me being stupid to wear new shoes new orthotics without an adjustment. I remember 12 years ago with the Custom ones made by my Father in law... I wanted to run them over with a truck. He even prescribed them for my ex wife (His Daughter) for her over pronation problems etc but she lasted 2 days and threw them out as did my ex mother in law too. Just like progressive lenses for eyewear. It took me 3 months to not be dizzy when first wearing them 1 hour per day etc and now I love them.So in summation... I understand your ethics and don't disagree... however they could tell me I have herniated or bulging discs in my back and the can suggest physical therapy or injections or even like most surgery....NOT GONNA HAPPEN... Don't have the money and don't have the time and don't believe anyone should ever have back surgery unless they lose bladder control. My General Manger as 4 herniated discs in his spine and one bulging... We live with it... and we try to find the most comfortable shoes we can get by with to earn our living on our feet.As I said...All my intention was to get a new pair of shoes and sneakers as a SPLURGE to treat myself for all the hard work. The orthotics I never would have even thought of replacing because in my mind psychosomatic or not they were working in sneakers and shoes... No back problems no Hip problems no ankle or shin problems...just some tired sore feet at the end of an 8 hour shift...So take into account of what I have told you regarding financial Issues and these problems just showing up with the new alignment of my body with brand new Orthotics and wearing them 4 days in a row....and knowing...what my whole goal was orginally still is ...get the most comfortable shoes for my Industry... If I was wearing the old orthotics and back pain and hip pain came out of nowhere I would probably have consulted a Medical Doctor...but this is all from the replacement of the Orthotics.... and GROSS Negligence on my Part over using them.... So with what I have to decide to tell my Pedorthist friend ... I don;'t know... The shoes and sneakers are great...but scared to just wear them with the stock insole because now I have been alerted they don't even match my feet shape and are cracked ... If you can't answer either just deduct the money from the question or refer to a doctor if there is such a thing...of this Speciality ... I wish I had the Finacial Resources to treat the issue and the your ethical way but Most of us Americans Don't with or without Insurance
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
I am not sure what your current question is at this point
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The statement was all I wanted to do ..without anything more in 12 years was to get a new pair of shoes which I normally buy Rockports and put my Old Orthotics in ...This time to do the wonderful Selection I went to the place of a Certified Pedorthist in Business for 23 years same location. The shoes are great but I overdid the orthotics (First type) wore them all day...and now I have hip, low back, shin, ankle, heel etc soreness and Pain... He Switched orthotics but still because I feel from the original damage I DID for being stupid all this other stuff came up...So question number Clarify... Can you somehow either re route this to a Podiatrist or Expertise in the Insoles etc ... If nothing exists like that on Just Answer that I use for many things and love...this is the first time it hasn't worked... Is What to do now that I must continue working to pay bills and I am leaving for Virginia, then Philly then North Carolina ...on My Feet and I can't go barefoot..... What do I do in this predicament now....Not About the Old Herniated discs or any other treatment that I can't afford.... What can I do since all of this started with Switching Orthotics which all I wanted to do was buy a new pair of Shoes and Sneakers... Now I am at a loss as to how to get by and continue working as I was

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