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At 21 years old I went checkup. I was concerned about

Customer Question

At 21 years old I went for a checkup. I was concerned about not losing weight, fatigue, and thought I had a thyroid problem. I couldn't concentrate was my only mental concern. I would try so hard but I couldn't. Would sacrifice fun time but still couldn't get homework done. They immediately told me I had anxiety and Depression. Prescribed Celexa and Xanax right away before any texts. (labs showed later how low my iron and b vitamins were) Told me I had to. I insisted that I was happy and was productive No had so much passion but they giggled. I needed an adult to Trust (my parents never cared about my health really) So I took a chance. I was so scared. I tried Celexa and found some relief at home with it but my work ethic and passion went away. I was just content and didn't care to do things perfectly. Tried the Xanax but it put me on edge. No impulse control at all. doctors didn't believe me. I stopped the Celexa because I was doing horrible learning at work. And I fell off my moral compass. And path. (please believe me) now 5 years later. I have not felt the same. I wish I never took it. My sexual drive is still completely gone. I was only on it for 8months the most. My process of emotions hasn't been the same either. I can't compose music anymore... Its like it shutdown a part of my mind. What could have happened? This is the truth. Please believe me so you can shed some light. I have come to theorize that I have /had OCD Bx Adhd. But it was a gift for me... Pleass have an open mind about this. Thank you. ***@******.*** is my email if you have a light bulb about what happened how I could fix it. What I could try (Therapies diets) and want to be an angel and lend me a helping hand which from an adult I have never had. You will help me gratefully. (energetic active smart friendly social kid) growed up and grades slipped. I became shy and felt different..It was painful in high school sitting in my chair but I would do it Because I didn't want to disappoint the teachers. I would make plans and never follow through. But I was always wanting to do something. I felt frustrated with something that I didn't understand. I knew like at home sucked but I had plans to get out N had always been an optimist. ;( I did try Adderall as well all fearful but anything I did I would spend hours getting it perfect. And any anxiety trigger that maybe my bf doesn't love me I would obsess over until it wore off. I loved it and hated it. It made me lazy though. And not passionate
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
where are you located, city and state?
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
This is likely due to psychology, with a need for therapy.
But, thyroid, other metabolic problems, and many illnesses need to be ruled out.
An internal medicine doctor would be the way to proceed.
We can not diagnose from this on line.
However, there are another possibilities and possible directions that can be pursued.
I will be glad to go over these if you answer my question.

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