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I have a pretty lengthy back story that runs across the board.

Customer Question

I have a pretty lengthy back story that runs across the board. Here's as shortened as I can get it. I was a very fit runner with healthy weight and bmi. I gained up to 30 lbs (140-170) with no obvious change to diet or exercise over the course of two-ish years. I gained most of the weight in my torso and face. I started to feel generally tired, short of breath just running up a flight of steps, muscle fatigue when really active, headaches and generally felt unhealthy. All of this did lead me to cut down on my exercise since it was so draining. My primary try to tell me it was totally from being overweight. My cholesterol and tryglicerides were sky high (I'm 37), no mention of that from promary. Also low vitamin D, no mention. Eventually I had a stitch type pain in my upper rtq of my abdomen, with elevated liver enzymes (normal bili though) and I was send to GI. He did every test he could think of. I had a bunch of gallbladder testing, all clear. My calcium elevated and my iron saturation was high (with normal ferritin) and I tested positive for a mutation in gene for hemochromatosis. I saw Hematology who said my iron was normal, not to worry about elevated serum calcium because ionized calcium was normal as well as my parathyroid function. Ended up at my GYN due to six months of not menstruating (I am normally 28 days since I was 12 besides pregnancies), she found that my prolactin was elevated and sent me to Endocrinologist and they found a pituitary tumor, prolactinoma. He did all his hormonal tests, all normal besides prolactin. I refused his treatment for a handful of reasons mainly because he told me all my health problems (besides no period) were not related to the tumor. At some point I had a chest/abdominal/pelvic CT all clear besides a tumor (luteal?) cyst on my ovary. I feel just confused and on my own, no doctor seems to want to look at the big picture and see if they can make any connections with all this craziness. My primary seems set that if I would just lose weight all my problems would resolve. I did lose about 20 lbs with no change in diet and exercise but have felt less bloated and less general fatigue. My current struggle is significant burning in my muscles, when I run for sure but even running up a flight of stairs. My bicarbonate is low and anion gap high, glucose higher end of normal range (steady the whole time). In all my own research for an answer it all seems to point to some sort of metabolic acidosis, oxygen transport, inability to rid the body of hydrogen waste. I know I'm not a doctor's favorite type of patient but I have struggled with Bipolar disorder my whole life, 10 years of finally finding a medication balance and I don't want to just treat symptoms, I want to find the actual problem and fix it. I'm willing to do the hard work if that's what it takes but I don't even know what that is!!! Please help me!!!!!!!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.
Do you have copies of the lab tests that you can attach, so that I can see the actual values?
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.
I had asked for some additional information and have not heard back.

The first step would be a review of the various labs. Although you have well summarized the various lab abnormalities, there also needs to be some consideration of the magnitude of these various lab abnormalities. There also needs to be a review of the entire set of lab tests, rather than each specialty addressing their portion of the puzzle.

If you can acquire the labs and attach them here, then I would be glad to review them. Another option would be to seek an appointment with a doctor to review all of the various lab tests, and this doctor may be able to access lab reports more efficiently than you can acquire them, although this is very dependent upon the computer system that contains the various lab results.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is there a way to upload pictures of the results?