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I have not had any labs since I left the hospital. I left on

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I have not had any labs since I left the hospital. I left on 10-31. I was in the hospital for not eating or drinking. I had many IVs which produced some swelling then. I did not have swollen feet when I left the hospital. It just happened overnight as of yesterday, 11-6. I take Remeron. What can I do to help my condition.

khagihara :

What are your symptoms?

khagihara :

Do you have any medical problems?

khagihara :

What medications do you take besides Remeron?

khagihara :

What was the reason you was hospitalized?

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I was in the hospital for not eating or drinking. I currently takes many medications--Remeron, Lotrimax, Depakote and Adavan. I take them at night. I left the hospital on October 31. In the hospital I had many IV s. As of yesterday my feet are extremely swollen. I try elevating my feet. I drink much water and other fluid. Today I am taking diuretics as directed. What should I do to eliminate the swelling.

khagihara :

You should limit drinking water and other fluid, which will be able to eliminate your swelling.

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