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My 96 year old mother has developed a debilitating burning

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My 96 year old mother has developed a debilitating burning in the vaginal/rectal area. The burning is so bad she screams out in pain. Her doctor says she has a exterior yeast infection, (urine sample came back negative for any infection), and has been treating it for 2 days. This evening she had a burning attack so bad she couldn't walk. When it subsided a little she made it to the bathroom. She passed some gas and moaned loudly, but said that should help ease the burning some; it eased to a point that she could function. I then remembered that earlier today I heard her cry out when she had a bowel movement. I looked at the BM and it was very dark, not black, but close. Once she had the bowel movement the pain eased enough for her to shower without help. What the heck is going on? I'm at a lose at what to ask her doctor, and I'm afraid he's getting a little tired of us. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

a vaginal fungal infection would not cause such pain that was eased by a bowel movement.

along with the vaginal or vulvar fungal infection, she could also have a rectal diverticulosis or a rectocele or rectal fistual into the vagina which is causing her so much rectal pain which is releaved when she has a bowel movement.

the miconazole vaginal suppositories should take care of the fungal infection.

however, if her pain continues, she needs to see a doctor about the rectal issues and see if she has a rectal diverticulosis or a fissure or fistula causing her pain. she might need an anoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy to look in her rectum to see where this severe intense rectal pain is coming from

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr. David, I can't afford this service, but I want you to know you were right, Mom has neither a yeast infection nor Pink Eye. We still don't know what is wrong with her private area, but her eye is being treated for an edema in the cornea and ocular hypertension with a pressure of 70. She may lose her eye, but she is being treated aggressively. I wish to change my rating of your information to Outstanding. You gave me the courage to question the experts. With kind regard and God Bless, Nancy Dotta

oh, thank you for your postiive feedback.

that is very kind of you.

best of luck to you and your mom

I hope she gets bettter

thanks for using Justanswer