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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Have a continuous (4-6weeks) re-occurring rash above crack.

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Have a continuous (4-6weeks) re-occurring rash above butt crack. How can I insert a picture here. Would be more self explanatory
There is a paper clip icon above the answer box which can be used to add a image/photograph.Welcome to Just Answer,I will try and help you with your query.The commonest cause of rash in this area would be a fungal rash.Other possibilities include a pilonidal sinus (this occurs at the end of the coccyx or tail bone),a bacterial superinfection over the fungal infection and rarely a perianal fistula.Use of antifungal creams like Canasten/Clotrimazole will definitely help,they need to be used for 2-3 weeks after the symptoms disappear to prevent recurrence.Adding a steroid cream initially for a couple of days would help reduce the itching faster.You may need a topical or oral antibiotic if bacterial infection is present,you can visit your PCP for the same.Keeping the area dry will help.Oral antifungals may be needed if local therapy fails,diseases like Diabetes which reduce immunity need to be ruled out.
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Thank you for sending the photograph.This is an acute bacterial infection,steroids and antifungals will probably have no role to play,a good antibiotic Like Augmentin/Cephalexin for 10-14 days and injectable drugs may be required if oral therapy alone does not help.Use of analgesics like Ibubrufen may help ease the pain and inflammation,ruling out diseases that reduce immunity like Diabetes is essential.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank u soooo much for ur quick and clear understandable answer!
Btw... Do u/ can u prescribe online? ...I don't really have a physician. :(
Do I hv to find one? Just for. A prescription?
I am sorry but online prescriptions are illegal and against the policy of Just Answer.It would be best to find a PCP/GP or go to the nearest free government clinic.Thank you for being understanding,and accepting my answer.I wish you a quick recovery.