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Sore throat for 3 weeks now - not painful but feels irritated.

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Sore throat for 3 weeks now - not painful but feels irritated. Have no signs of lesions or ulcers or sores, camera down throat revealed nothing but a small amoint of potential fungus at base of tongue.

QUESTION - I performed oral sex on female on 8/2. Could this possibly be connected? if so, what might it be?

Mysticdoc :

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Mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

Mysticdoc :

Oral thrush can cause this problem.

Mysticdoc :

Now this may not be oral sex related.

Mysticdoc :

However, vaginal yeast infection can also get transmitted through oral sex.

Customer: where would the thrush come from if its that?
Mysticdoc :

one possibility is as above.

Mysticdoc :

another possibility can be due to the recent antibiotic use.

Customer: ok is there anyway to know for sure?
Mysticdoc :


Mysticdoc :

unless the partner had yeast infection.

Mysticdoc :

the oral fungus can be identified from the fungal culture.

Customer: i was prescribed a mouthwash to treat the fungus - does this sound right?
Mysticdoc :

yes Nystatin mouth wash commonly used.

Customer: finally, we also had brief unprotected intercourse on same date and i have itch in groin too (but no sores or lessions, no pain when urinating etc). was tested for all stds at week 5 - negative. is she had a yeast infection, would that explain my itch in he goin as well as fungus in throat?
Mysticdoc :

yes that will.

Customer: i was told most yeast infections in men affect the penis and not the groin but my penis seems fine
Mysticdoc :

no the yeast infection can also affect the groin.

Mysticdoc :

Another possibility can be from the sweating.

Customer: ok thank you
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