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Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Ivy League trained. Medical Review Officer trained in Drug Testing
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i am suffering from alcoholic hepatitus.

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i am suffering from alcoholic hepatitus.

Dr. Cameron :


Dr. Cameron :

are you still there?

Dr. Cameron :

What is your question?


hello doctor

Dr. Cameron : hello

for the last 6 months i am suffering from alcholic hepatitus my bilirubin level is 4.5

Dr. Cameron : have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis?

i have not got any symtoms other than dark urine so i did not go for a scan

Dr. Cameron : are you still drinking?

i have reduced but still not stopped

Dr. Cameron : ok
Dr. Cameron : well hepatitis can be reversible if there is no scarring- cirrhosis
Dr. Cameron : but you MUST stop alcohol
Dr. Cameron : period

when i scaned my liver 11 months back the impression was normal

Dr. Cameron : that is great
Dr. Cameron : but obviously your liver is damaged now
Dr. Cameron : this may or may not be permanent

will a liver obtain cirihosis within 6 months

Dr. Cameron : it can
Dr. Cameron : you need to get rescanned and stop alcohol

my bilirubin level 6 month back was 4.3 and now 4.5 what dose it indicate.

Dr. Cameron : it means that the contnued drinking is causing worsening liver funciton
Dr. Cameron : and it has not recovered uet
Dr. Cameron : *yet
Dr. Cameron : the higher the bilirubin, the worse off you are

doctors priscriped me with udiliv 300 daily once is it sufecient after quting alchol

Dr. Cameron : it is used for primary biliary cirrhosis and gallstones
Dr. Cameron : it may help
Dr. Cameron : but quitting alcohol period is the key

what do u mean by period

Dr. Cameron : I mean you have quit alcohol. Completely
Dr. Cameron : full stop

eventhough my bilirubin is 4.5 my urine is getting darker day by day dose it sugest an urinary infection

Dr. Cameron : it would be unlikely unless you had pain or irritation
Dr. Cameron : your urine is dark because of your liver disease and your continued drinking
Dr. Cameron : there really is no other way around it
Dr. Cameron : your liver can no longer process alcohol
Dr. Cameron : every time you drink, you are causing damage
Dr. Cameron : the more damage, the higher the bilirubin
Dr. Cameron : I know that this is not what you want to hear, but ths is the truth

in fact i stopped alcohol from 2008 to 2012 with disulffrim

Dr. Cameron : ok
Dr. Cameron : but you need to stop for life

i understand but rightnow what is the remedy

Dr. Cameron : the remedy is stopping alcohol, no acetaminophen products and TIME
Dr. Cameron : There is no cure for alcoholic hepatitis other than stopping the alcohol

can i try disulffrim again

Dr. Cameron : sure if you feel that it will help you stop

what medicine can i take after quiting

Dr. Cameron : for the alcohol or the liver

for liver

Dr. Cameron : well there is no medication
Dr. Cameron : you can try some diet changes
Dr. Cameron : decrease your protein, up your carbs
Dr. Cameron : here is a great link:
Dr. Cameron :
Dr. Cameron : B complex vitamins help too

well what about my hypertencive pill like telista and alprax .5 daily shall i continue

Dr. Cameron : yes, you should continue those.

but for the past 20 days i find lack of appetite and red colour dots in my body what dose it mean

Dr. Cameron : it means that you have liver disease and this can affect your appetitie
Dr. Cameron : You need to get an ultrasound

u suspect a chirosis ?

Dr. Cameron : well, your liver is getting worse, you continue to drink and these are not good sigs.
Dr. Cameron : signs
Dr. Cameron : you need an ultrasound and to stop smoking
Dr. Cameron : and look at that link I gave you on how to heal your liver with food and vitamins
Dr. Cameron : stop drinking
Dr. Cameron : sorry

is my systoms acute or chronic ?

Dr. Cameron : they could be eiiher
Dr. Cameron : *either
Dr. Cameron : the ultrasound will tell all

can i have a scan 1 month after quiting ?

Dr. Cameron : you shoudl have the scan NO
Dr. Cameron : NOW
Dr. Cameron : sorry my computer is acting weird

well i will find out from your link,thank you.

Dr. Cameron : you are welcome
Dr. Cameron : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?


Dr. Cameron : keep me posted- I want to hear how your scan goes


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