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I seem to be attracting bees this summer. Ive now been stung

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I seem to be attracting bees this summer. I've now been stung 5 different times in the last month. 2 times I've stepped on them in the yard. The first time I had no shoes on, the second time I had shoes on and it found it's way between the bottom of my foot and the inside sole of my shoe. I immediately take a benedryl tablet and soak my foot in hot water and epsom salts. It seems to help for a few hours. The benedryl makes me sleepy. The itching is insatiable.... Benedryl helps for about 8 hours, then I have to soak in epsom salts to get total relief for 12 hours. Then the whole cycle starts over again with the itching. Is there something I can do to deter the bees from being attracted to me? These are honey bees and what's referred to as sweat bees. Each time I get stung, the ensuing pain seems to get more intense. I try to be as natural as possible with my food and cleaning products and I believe strongly in essential oils that are pure and unadultrated, but I haven't found any one that helps better than the benedryl and epsom salts.

With the itching I would recommend taking Zyrtec10 mg in the AM( less likely to make you sleepy vs Benedryl) take Benedryl 25 to 50 mg at bedtime( helpful with the sleepiness and itching then)

With the bees I would advise several steps> take care to wear shoes outside... Be careful near flowers or other attractants ( garbe cans outside can often have many buzzing around)

Watch for signs that you may have a hive hidden away somewhere close to you!! Watch for much "bee traffic" you might have a hive hiding within an outbuilding for example. I have seen then use the space in the wall of a home a a place to establish their nest!! So be alert to these possibilities.

I would advise you to be careful of wearing perfume or heavily scented products. These products designed to make us smell better tend to be attractive to bees and are in many products. Lotions , soaps, perfumes,etc...

I hope that this helps. Let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to get back with you! If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. Thank you and best regards,

Anthony Bray MD
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

are you a holistic doctor? 'cuz I don't like taking benedryl. Hoping you'd have another suggestion. The reason I use epsom salts is to draw the poison out. When I soak for 30 mins the redness around the sting site seems to lessen and the pain completely disappears.

Hello again,

Well no I am a regular allopathic doctor. If you took the antihistamines you should ONLY need them perhaps for three to four days following a sting.

It may help to cool down the area of the sting with ice within a washcloth for ten minutes... Repeat periodically if needed. The Epsom salt soaks are fine if those are helping. You may benefit to apply caladryl lotion to the sting site several times a day for 3-5 days. Applying aloe is another option that should be of help for you.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to get back with you! Best regards!!

Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you