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Hi,I have had lower back pain due to lifting a heavy item

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I have had lower back pain due to lifting a heavy item 20 years ago. I have heavily researched it and had chiropractic help on it. The problem is due to injury of the left sacroiliac joint. Some days I don't feel it at all but most days it is almost debilitating. From what I understand there could be injury to the cartlidge which locks both sides of the joint in place. Additionally, there is probably a loosening of the ligaments around the joint which hold it together. When a chiropractor maneuvers the joint I can feel things pop back into place and the pain lessens. When the joint "pops out", I can feel a small raised area over that spot that I attribute to the ligaments being forced outward. I have tried the Serola sacroiliac belt which gives the lower back a lot of support and works great.

My question is if there is a permanent way to fix this problem. I have read reports that saline injections into the area seems to tighten the ligaments which offers relief. Just wondering if that is the best solution or any other treatments to consider. Thanks.

Have you had an MRI or an evaluation by an Orthopedist?


Standing by. This is an information request only and not my answer.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would it show on an MRI? From everything I have read they say it is very difficult to get a correct angle in order to see anything in the image due to the nature of the joint.

The reason I ask is that you put this question up in the Orthopedic section.

You are stating that you know your diagnosis based on a chiropractic provider's assessment.

They may be correct, they may not be, but you have asked if there is a permanent fix to this problem and this usually means a surgical fix (and there is a surgery that is done for this diagnosis once it is made.

That is the reason for my question about the MRI and an Orthopedist's evaluation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If you don't mind my asking... what is typically done during surgical repair for sacroiliac dysfunction? Is the joint somehow fused together? Curious, since I have never heard that this joint is repairable in that fashion. Thanks

I am headed to bed.

I have sent THIS LINK HERE, which I think is pretty thorough.

I will be back on in the morning, but yes, a fusion of the joint is done with orthopedic hardware IF conservative treatment like physical therapy and injections fail.

If this has answered your question, positive feedback is appreciated.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great link. Thanks for your help.

You are most welcome. Do you have any final questions about SI joint dysfunction and its treatment for me?
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