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I have a recurring numbness in the top of my right arm. It

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I have a recurring numbness in the top of my right arm. It lasts about a minute or so and feels like a rubber band about three inches in width is being tightened around the top of my arm around and above my bicep. I had this infrequently in the past, but now it is happening once or twice a day. What could it be and what should I do?
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Q. Do you have any previously diagnosed medical conditions?

Q. Any swelling or redness in the area that feels tight?

Q. Do you have any tingling along with the numbness?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I underwent aortic valve replacement surgery four months ago. At that time, they also did a brain scan because I experienced numbness on my left side after the surgery. They concluded that it was not a stroke, but did see two infarctions deep in the brain. They did not know what they were or how long they had been there, but felt they were not recent. They also noted that my cholesterol was high.

What medication are you on currently?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No medications

Thanks for the details.

The skin around the upper arm area is supplied by the cutaneous branch of the axillary nerve which is derived from the spinal cord segment of Cervical vertebra 5 and 6. Now the band is you feel with numbness signifies a nerve involvement since it is transient and manifests as numbness in an area supplied by a particular nerve.
You should have this evaluated by getting an x ray of the c spine done in 2 views to see if there is decrease in vertebral space in that area that might be impinging on the nerves exiting that space.
A nerve conduction test (NCS) and an electromyogram (EMG) is also in order along with a clinical examination.
This does not seem or sound like a stroke.
Mean while, here is what you should do:
Avoid odd postures.
Wear a soft neck collar especially when asleep.
Apply Ibuprofen liquigel thrice daily at the back of your neck with gentle massage.
You should however, see your GP or a Neurologist for this.
Hope this helps.
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