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Hi, I am a 32 year old male with a history of smoking for 12

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Hi, I am a 32 year old male with a history of smoking for 12 years. I quit for 2 years but have smoked again for 1 year. Recently, a month ago, I have had trouble breathing, minor. It has been occompanied by some lung/chest pain.. Not really in a particular spot, more scattered. So I have been cutting down and trying to quit. It seems like the less I smoke the more the pain comes and goes. Now, Im fine until I have a cigarette, but when I do, I get a pain in my chest and up my neck. What is the most likely cause for this?

Doctor Cameron : Hello welcome to the chat
Customer: Hi!
Doctor Cameron : Do you have wheezing or chest tightness?
Customer: Not really.. Actually breathing better than normal as I have cut down so much.
Doctor Cameron : Right, but does smoking trigger this?
Customer: Yes directly.
Doctor Cameron : Ok. What you are having is reactive airway disease
Doctor Cameron : this happens when you are inhaling particulate matter which has a direct irritant affect on the lungs
Customer: That doesnt sound good. What is the prognosis?
Doctor Cameron : If you stop smoking, the damage is temporary. If you continue to smoke, it can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD
Doctor Cameron : You can use inhalers like albuterol and qvar to hasten improvement
Doctor Cameron : Your lungs have become hypersensitized, so you should stay away from second hand smoke too
Customer: This disease, is it a result of buildup and damage from years of smoking? I ask because it only recently started hurting.
Customer: So it doesnt sound like something else like cancer?
Doctor Cameron : It is the result of your lungs become basically allergic to smoke
Doctor Cameron : No, this does not sound like cancer. At all. Cancer does not cause pain. It causes weight loss, coughing up blood etc
Doctor Cameron : And if you stop smoking for 10 Years, it Will be as if you never smoked
Customer: Ok. Well, it is settled then. I am done smoking. For good. I dont think I can handle another painful cigarette. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.
Doctor Cameron : Ha ha :-)
Doctor Cameron : gum is good in the meantime.
Doctor Cameron : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?
Customer: Love gum! Thanks again. Can I contact you in the future for any other questions I may have? Or will I just get who Is ever available..
Doctor Cameron : Of course. Just ask for doctor Cameron only
Customer: Ok great! Very satisfied.. I feel like I have a second chance! Thanks doctor Cameron!
Doctor Cameron : :-)
Doctor Cameron : be good to your body :-)
Customer: I promise! Cross my heart! Goodnight!
Doctor Cameron : :-)
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