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911DOC, Board Certified Dr.
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I have had problem with blood pressure ,diabetics,and dizziness

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I have had problem with blood pressure ,diabetics,and dizziness caused by my inner ear infection in past.I have been taking Triamterene HCTZ.Why am I taking this drug?My new doctor told me the other day to discontinue it.Should I all of a sudden?

911DOC :

That drug would be for long term treatment of high blood pressure.

911DOC :

If a new three day blood pressure check, off your blood pressure medicine, does not show you to have high blood pressure then it is reasonable to stop it.

911DOC :

If, however, you definitely are hypertensive (have chronic high blood pressure), then it needs to be treated and stopping your medicine would not be wise.

911DOC :

However, this is a much better question to ask your doctor as there may be other reasons for him to ask you to stop taking it, perhaps to reevaluate your high blood pressure as mentioned above.

911DOC :

triamterene/hctz is a combination anti-hypertensive that works by increasing urine output.

911DOC :

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