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I take 40 milligrams of omeprazole daily to treat my gerd.

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I take 40 milligrams of omeprazole daily to treat my gerd. I would like to also take high doses of tagamet to treat warts. I have had these warts for a years and they will not go away! I have tried all home methods of acid and freezing. I have no medical insurance and need of a doctors advice before I go a head with the medications. Is it okay for me to take take both medications? I tried in the recent past to only take just the tagamet and even in the high doses, I suffered horrible heartburn. Thank you.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

sounds like the tagamet does not help control your stomach acid as well as the omeprazole.

tagamet is in the same class of drugs as omeprazole. I doubt that the tagamet will help you get rid of warts.

where are these warts on your body?

would you be willing to upload a photo of them so I can look at them?

have you tried to apply for medicaid health insurance in your state?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Dr. David thank you for responding so quickly. The omeprozole controls my heart burn wonderfully. I discontinued using my omeprazole and stating taking the high doses of tagamet to treat the warts, only to suffer with the heartburn. So idiscontinued the tagamet and returned to omeprazole. My warts are located in numerous locations. I have one very large cauliflower shaped in my finger, another planters looking one in another Ifinger, two flat warts in the cheek of My face and another on my inner thigh. I have seen a doctor in the past and they are
comfirmed warts. My twin boys also suffered warts before and the doctor prescribed tagamet. A friend of mine just recently had a foot full of planters warts and was prescribed tagamet. They cleared up and are gone.. His son also had the warts. Took high doses of tagamet and cleared up!
So, you see, the tagamet does Work. And IM wondering if can safeely take both of these medications. One, to clear up the warts and the other to treat my acid reflux?

they are confirmed warts.
yes, you can take omeprazole along with tagamet.

but you do run the risks of dropping magnesium levels and calcium levels with long term proton pump inhibitor use.

so you have to get your magnesium levels and calcium levels checked.

Thank you for your question: I am a different expert, and I would like to offer a different opinion.

First issue: There is no interaction between Tagament and omeprazole. Therefore, there is no danger in adding Tagamet to your current medications.

However, the issue of Tagamet for warts is not as simple as some would have you believe. A number of small studies did show possible effectiveness of this medication in treating warts. However, more rigorous studies comparing Tagamet to placebo ("sugar pills"), did not show that this medication actually helped clear warts more than the placebo.

While I believe most physicians would consider this "safe", it is unlikely that adding Tagament is likely to be effective (and therefore likely to be a waste of money).

Here is an excellent review of effective treatments for warts

This link will help you find a low-cost or free clinic in your area if cost is the primary concern.
Family Physician, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 12816
Experience: Emergency Medicine and Family Practice for over 26 years
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