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After giving birth to my first child over three years ago I

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After giving birth to my first child over three years ago I felt something "pop" out of my abdomenon my left side just below my ribs. When whatever it was would pop out it was painful and uncomfortable and as soon as I felt it happening I woul stretch out my abdomen and then felt better. Often this happened while I was engaged in some sort of activity and using my abdominal muscles (like bending over the tub to was my daughter's feet). This was complicated by a secondary pain/bulge that after a diagnostic laparoscopy revealed my 9th and 10th ribs had separated from each other and my sternum and the pain was the ribs pressing on the nerve in in my sternum. I thought that both "popping" matters must have been the same thing and a thoracic surgeon wired my ribs back together and back to the sternum. I thought the problem was solved. Two weeks after that surgery...I flt the popping again. I knew it wasn't my ribs and it was the less painful popping I had felt first after giving birth. I went back to the thoracic surgeon and after opening me again, he said I had a tiny hernia that he stitched. A month later I got pregnant thinking all was well and is weeks into the pregnancy I was doing abdominal exercises and "pop" came the bulge. It looked about an inch and a half long and half an inch wide just below my ribs on my left side. Being pregnant, there was nothing I could do but be cautious with straining my abdomen. My baby has since been born and its happening again at a more frequent rate as I shed the baby weight and return to my previously thin frame. I had previously seen a hernia specialist and was assured I do not have a hernia? So what can this bulging be and how can I resolve it? What kind of physician should I see? Any ideas?

Mysticdoc :

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Mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

Mysticdoc :

The bulge can still be a hernia.

Mysticdoc :

And this should be confirmed by a CT scan.

Customer: Hi. Thank you for responding.
Mysticdoc :

Besides hernia, another possibility is the bulging of the stomach or the intestine pushing against the weak muscle covering.

Mysticdoc :

This is not called hernia since there is no hole.

Mysticdoc :

Weak muscle and separation between the muscle layers an cause this commonly.

Mysticdoc :

Fat bulge is another possibility.

Mysticdoc :

However, a CT scan will be helpful.

Mysticdoc :

If this is not hernia, then you should see either an abdominal surgeon or cosmetic surgeon to consider the repair of the muscle defect.

Customer: So, should I see another hernia specialist? And if its not a hernia and possible my stomach bulging, what type of doctor would I see and is there a way to stop it. I don't have a lot of fat in the area. I'm 5'7 and approx. 135lbs.
Customer: Just answered I see. Thank you.
Mysticdoc :

This is not serious condition and you can continue with normal life if not hernia.

Customer: great!
Mysticdoc :

very welcome

Mysticdoc :

Best wishes,

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