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apart from avoidance of sugers is there any medicine to help

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apart from avoidance of sugers is there any medicine to help with Hypoglycemia,?
There is no medicine to treat hypoglycemia, although some of the underlying causes can be treated, so there should be some evaluation to determine the underlying cause.

The primary treatment for most cases of hypoglycemia is dietary adjustments, such as eating frequent small meals and avoidance of concentrated sugars, particularly for people with reactive hypoglycemia. In cases in which the underlying cause is found to be due to excessive release of insulin, treatment may consist of specific medicines, such as diazoxide or octreotide. There also are some cases in which the excessive insulin is due to a small adenoma that is releasing the excessive insulin, and surgical excision may be the best option for treatment.

Therefore, any specific treatment would depend upon what underlying cause is identified. The only management option that would apply to all cases of hypoglycemia is the dietary management.

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