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Dull pain on top left side of my head

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i have a dull pain on top of left side of head on and off left side of face burning and feel like my left eye is straning.


How long have you had this headache and eye strain?

Customer :
on and off for a couple of weeks i do suffer from arthritis in the neck. And i do suffer from sinus problem. Could it be some kind of nerve problem

911Doctor :
Doubt it would be a nerve problem... sounds though like you might have a sinus infection. have you had one before?

Customer :
Yes but this seem to last longer than usual. Also i get slight headache around the temples

911Doctor :
Have you had a CT scan of your head/brain or have you been seen before for this problem?

Customer :
About 4 yrs ago. My head and neck that when they told me i had arthritis on my c4 and c5

911Doctor :
So arhtitis in the neck can certainly cause neck pain and posterior headache but is not likely to cause the type of pain you are having.

Do you have tenderness on the left side of your temple if you press on the skin?

Customer :

911Doctor :
Good. Do you have any difficulty with vision?

Customer :

911Doctor :
Good. So this could very well be due to a sinus infection and this could well be a migraine variant, as these often cause visual problems.

Customer :
ok so what should i do next

911Doctor :
Do you have a physician or access to an urgent care facility nearby?

Customer :

911Doctor :
I think you should definitely have a provider to try to get a determination if this is a migraine or sinus infection. there are good medicines for both.

One more question: Did this headache come on very suddenly or gradually?

Customer :
Gradually on and off it dont feel like a headache just a pain on top of my head

911Doctor :
Good. So to summarize: There ARE some dangerous causes of headache or head discomfort such as you have

One would be an aneurysm, and that kind of headache feels like being hit in the head with a pipe... it's sudden and severe, so I am not worried about that

The other is something called 'temporal arteritis', and this headache can cause blindness, but people with this kind of pain will have tenderness over the lateral forehead, and it doesn't sound like this is going on either.

So whatever is causing your discomfort, likely a migraine or sinus infection, is not, in all likelihood, dangerous, but does need to be checked.

Does this make sense.

Customer :
Yes it does thanks for your help

911Doctor :
You are most welcome

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