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I have undiagnosed IBS (Ive inherited it from my mom, and

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I have undiagnosed IBS (I've inherited it from my mom, and hers is DEFINITELY diagnosed!) which I can usually control with FloraQ. However, I've been out for a month or two and had a couple of Jello shots on Saturday night - vodka is one of my terrible, terrible triggers (though it's not so bad if I'm on the probiotics, but I forgot I wasn't on them anymore!) so I wound up sleeping approximately 24 of 30 hours and pooping my brains out when I wasn't sleeping. I had to miss work today because of it! The problem I have is this: I don't know how to tell my boss what was happening without giving too much detail and also while being truthful. I said I'd eaten something bad and he assumed food poisoning. However, if this happens again I don't think I ought to use the same "excuse." How to do people generally deal with this situation?

Welcome and thank you for the question.

In your situation, I think it will be best to tell your boss the truth - that you probably have IBS and that it flares up from time to time. And that when it flares up, you suffer from severe fatigue leading you to sleep for hours. The vomiting can be explained by saying that you suffer from severe gastritis when it flares up - many people do have gastritis at the time of a flare and vomiting or acid reflux is quite common.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thankfully I wasn't vomiting all day, just once. Just wanted to throw that out there. :)


Thanks so very much!

You are welcome.

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